Awesomely Cool Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Cool Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Nicknames become cool when you call them in a different way. Cool nicknames for guys and girls must contain an element of an enigma in them. Only those Nicknames belong to the class of cool nicknames that have a point of difference both in sound and combo of words.

Cool nicknames are in high demand because you need a unique and cool nickname for Facebook, the coolest nickname for Instagram, a cute but cool username for Instagram, a cool Pokemon Go nickname, and most importantly cool Snapchat nicknames are mandatory in this perspective because it is the best way to present yourself as well as you can portray your good image as a social media lover.

Coolest Nicknames for Guys

Adorable Nicknames for Tall Boyfriend

Your screen nickname must be a cool nickname because it is a front facing of your cool image as a social media user. In case of guys, coolest nicknames search has no boundary.

Here is a set of few cool nicknames for guys. But, let me make it clear on you guys that I am sure that these nicknames are not available because these are very popular cool nicknames, therefore, it is impossible up to some extent to ensure availability of these nicknames.









Professor X:

Professor XX:





Firing Arm:








The Jaguar:


The Ghost:

The Mystery:




The harmless:


The champ:

The Hot Nerd:

The Dashing:

P.S: A sad aspect is, almost on all kind of social platforms like Snapchat, Pokemon Go, and Instagram etc. these cool nicknames are already taken.

Cool Nicknames Generation

Nicknames for Guy Best Friend-min

Since all famous and cool nicknames mentioned above are already taken therefore, it is mandatory to suggest some way and nicknames that will help you to generate cool nicknames for yourself.

When it comes to cool nicknames, you must choose the nicknames wisely because it is very important in term of the fact that the whole world is looking at you through your cool nickname on the social media.

You will find it interesting to know that script writer and TV serial writers use some astonishing techniques to invent different kind of cool nicknames that really impress the audience and their fans.

We are going to disclose these lovable ways to generate cool nicknames for your loved ones.

  • If you are unable to find the right nickname, choose a blend of two words.
  • If you feel you have no idea, try matching colors with metals.
  • You can try blending fruits with colors.
  • You can blend metals and adverbs.
  • You can use nouns and Greek words combination to generate a cool nickname.

Here’s a versatile list of cool nicknames. You are surely gonna love it.

Dawn Dusk:

Moody Dirt:


Love Bundle:

Love Cuddle:

Cuddle Bug:

Love Quake:

Earth Breaker:

Ground Breaker:

Damn Hot:

Burger Best:

Best Bun:

Best Chic:

Cute Bird:

Hot Nerd:

Nerdy Catchy:

Mr. Baseball:

Mr. Own:

Mr. One:

The Only One:

Dark Fire:

Hot Chocolate:

Coldest Cool:

Happy Mood:

Icy Light:

Lime Light:

Sweet Light:

Huggy Bird:

Champy Minion:

Life Guarder:

Hot & Cold:

Angry Young Man:

Hot Kiddo:

Sweet Kid:

Infant Thinker:

Frozen Explosive:

Best Explosion:

Steamed Plasma:

Cute Plasma:

Starry Kid:

The Star kid:

Champy Lagoon:

Lake Lover:

Shallow Lake:

Devil Star:


Grounded sun:

Heavenly smart:

Heavenly Cute:

Psycho Quack:

Moon Light:

Moony Mud:

Moony Creep:

Creepy Cutie:

Creep Leader:

The Hot Leaguer:

Rich Ocean:

Dry Ocean:

Max Ocean:

Combo Kid:

Naughty Boy:

Alarming Charm:

Shadow Rocker:

Rocket Buster:

Rock Rocco:

Rob Robbo:

IT Guy:

Rainy River:

Strange Angel:

Ultimate Repeater:

Party Thrower:

Party Kid:

Party Man:

Company Man:

Friends Friendie:

Hot Dealer:

Spider net:

Spider lover:

Sea Skull:

Breeze Skull:

Blaze Loch:

Venom Architect:

Spikey Spank:

Solid Swap:

Blasty water:

Blasty blaster:

The blaster:

Blast breather:

Love dragon:

Dragon Fire:

Fire Alarm:

Deep Digger:

Keen Thinker:

Baby Bright:

Bright kid:

Bright mind:

Bright light:

Life light:

Dragon Breather:

Gold Leaf:

Cute Leaf:

Leaf Lover:

Leaf Stunner:

Stunning Motto:

Motto Stunner:

Forest Gus:

Precious thinker:

Pretty Thinker:

Pine Steak:

Pine Theater:

Sweet Martian:

Mars Rider:

Life Hunter:

Mars Hunter:

Marshy Boy:

Old Boy:

Old Kid:

Boxo Keeper:

Boxo Boy (BB):

Rocco Hunter:

Cool Nicknames for Girls

Cool Nicknames to call your Best Friend-min

Boys love strange and power denoting cool nicknames while girls love pretty cool nicknames or cute nicknames that make them sound good but a bit different. Girls prefer cool nicknames that belong to their gender or especially color choice.

How to come up with cool Nicknames for Girls?

Well, the fact is, girl love cool nicknames that preferably belong to the feminism or feminine relation like the color choice, princess, baby doll, Barbie, lady, queen etc. In short, you will have to be a feminist in order to opt for a cute and cool nickname for girls.

Here’s the sample list that offers the best blend of cool nicknames for girls wrapped in the pinkish love and feminism.

Lady Trigger:

Bullet Kiss:



Sweet Kisser:

Pink Sniper:

Lady Sniper:

Sniper Bullet:

Lady Bug:

Princess Cuddle:

Cuddle Bug:

Pinkish Venom:

Dragon Fly:

Pinkish Burn:

Lady Snow:

Icy lady:

Icy princess:

Ice queen:

Frozen Fire:

Deep fire:


Golden Flame:

Purple flame:

Sweet burn:

Sweet burner:

Seduction queen:

Seduction princess:

Sexter girl:

Sexting Queen:

Sexting Lady:

Princess sexter:

Sparkle Lady:

Lady Spark:

Hot sizzler:

Sizzling queen:

Sizzling bullet:

Sizzling ship:

Red velvet:

Purple softness:

Pinkish stranger:

Pink star:

Lady Ocean:

Ocean hunter:

Hot chic:

Hot liner:

Sweet seduction:

Cool Nicknames for Boys

Funny nicknames for Tall Skinny Guys-min

Considering different aspects there’s a big difference between cool nicknames for girls and cool nicknames for guys because both have a natural point of difference. “Hungry Tiger” could look a fascinating cool nickname for boys but can’t suit to a female.

Similarly, “Hungry Lioness” could be an awesomely cool nickname for girls but can’t be regarded as a cool nickname for boys because it has a feminine touch!

How to come up with cool nicknames for boys?

To come up with cool nicknames for boys, you have to consider the masculine fact and sense. Names that show off power, class and those that are more symbolic are more fitting as cool nicknames for boys.

Here’s a whole list of cool nicknames for boys that show off similar characteristics as mentioned above.

Death Power:

Decisive Finger:

Grey Joy:

Death Moon:

Zombie Eater:

Death Fog:

Dragon Frog:

Dragon Fog:

Dragon Blast:

Dragon Eater:

Dragon Warrior:

Coffin Dust:

Liquid Fire:

Liquid Light:

Lazy Killer:

Silent Killer:

White Blood:

Black Hawk:

Black Blood:

Bleedy Boy (BB):

Zeus Nuts:

Red Alert:

Red Combat:

Love Battler:

Red Battler:

Blood Battler:

Red Rhino:

Metal Leaf:

Gold Leaf:

Silver Stone:

Black Stone:

Gold Stone:

Frozen Explosive:

Rude Sniper:

Blood Buddy:

Rude Hunter:

Blood Hunter:

Ice Walker:

Ice Smelter:

Ice Kid:

Sweet Walker:

Dirty Talker:

Sweet Talker:

Killing Talker:

Blood Wisher:

Cool Nicknames from Original Name

Another way to come up with coolest nicknames is to enhance the crisp of your nicknames by putting a smart word before or after your first or last name.

It really generates a cool nickname because it has more capability to attract others as it contains a portion of your original name – a cute nickname from your own name.

John smart:

Silly Albert:

Jonny Talker:

Jonny Walker:

Killer Roneo:

John Snow:

Wicked johny:

Omega Tony:

Tony Mega:

Sniper Shooter:

Jon hunter:

Bill Big (BB):

Mighty Robert:

Robert Lover:

Color Combined Cool Nicknames for Guys

Colors are the best way to come up with cool nicknames for guys because a nickname can get more strength and better approach as a cute nickname when combined with the color.

Here’s a sample list of color based cool nicknames for guys. You are gonna love it, BABY….!

Blue Lemon:

Red Roneo:

Captain Black:

Blue River:

Red Sea:

Red Wedding:

Green Nuke:

Black Water:

Avoid Teasing Badass Nicknames

That’s it from the list of cool nicknames – The best nickname is the one that is appreciated and enjoyed by your partner.

If you are able to devise coolest nicknames for your loved ones you can surely enhance your love and bonding with your partner. Just keep in mind that using a nickname doesn’t mean to play with the feelings of others. Therefore, be very careful in the choice of cute and cool nicknames. Good Luck!

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