Top 100 Best Funny Wi-Fi Names for your Secure Network SSID

Best Funny Wi-Fi Names

With modern day technology, people are able to accomplish their goals efficiently and timely. The internet is the necessity for our generation and it’s unbearable when the internet is down. Feels like we’ve gone back to Dark Age. Having Funny Wi-Fi Names for your secure network is surely a way to keep people at bay or to just spice up the things in the dorms or hostels.

Best Funny Wi-Fi Names Puns of all Time

One can surely convey their favorite dialogue, quote or just random stuff through naming it. Although, you can name them the way you want, here’s a list of some cool names you want to check out or just change them according to your taste.

  1. Sugar bomb: the bomb!
  2. Get your own Wi-Fi!: straight warning to freeloaders
  3. Thug life!: live the life
  4. Authenticating: keep them busy
  5. No network: keep looking, people
  6. Mousetrap: it’s a trap
  7. Stealing is a sin!: another way of reminding people of goodness
  8. You Can’t see me!: Cena style
  9. Keep off my Wi-Fi: no freeloaders welcome
  10. Buzz off: stop wasting your time
  11. Nothing is here: without password definitely
  12. Lol network: all the fun but with authorized access
  13. Already paying my taxes!: it might be land of free but still
  14. Better call Saul!: you know why
  15. Coco bango!: a funny name
  16. Get a hold of yourself!: and get your own Wi-Fi
  17. Honest Abe: honestly ain’t telling you the password
  18. The viper strikes!: a cool name
  19. Pokémon go!: gotta catch em all!
  20. None of your business: because it’s my Wi-Fi

Ridiculous Wi-Fi Names

Ridiculous Wi-Fi Names

Whether it’s the neighbors you want to address or the kids back door that keep disturbing you with their nonsense, naming your Wi-Fi router and sending them the perfect message is the best revenge of all time

  1. Stink bomb: better stay away
  2. My Dorky neighbors: when your neighbors are jerks
  3. Stop staring: no free Wi-Fi here
  4. You aren’t a genius stop guessing!: heads-up
  5. exe: so that people may get a bad impression
  6. Silk route: from the famous deep web site
  7. Under your bed: give them chills
  8. Hello stealer: hey freeloader!
  9. No Wi-Fi for you!: because you’re a bad boy
  10. Password changed!: again nothing is free here
  11. Exchange your wife for my Wi-Fi: not a bad offer
  12. Searching…: let them search
  13. Stingy stealer: those who won’t get their own Wi-Fi
  14. God’s watching you: better do something good
  15. Freeloader: indeed people are
  16. Stop looking for free Wi-Fi: better get yours
  17. Already slow: shove off!
  18. Not worth it!: stop wasting time
  19. I’ve got Guns bigger than yours!: better not mess with my Wi-Fi
  20. Connect on your own risk: a fair warning
  21. Girls gone wireless: Lol
  22. It hurts when IP: ridiculous!
  23. My own damn Wi-Fi: definitely mine
  24. Two girls one router: hmmm
  25. Let the kids play, hide Wi-Fi: kids are safe not the Wi-Fi

Cool Wi-Fi Names for your Router

Cool Wi-Fi Names for your Router

  1. Neon Demon: a cool name
  2. Wraith king: fear the wrath
  3. Serial Killer: better watch out
  4. Mom told me not to share my Wi-Fi: mama’s good boy
  5. Brace yourselves: because you aren’t getting the password
  6. Invite me to dinner for Wi-Fi: good offer huh?
  7. Dead Wi-Fi: yup leave it to let’s go
  8. Vote for President: yeah!
  9. Rebels: let the rebellion begin
  10. Monster Wi-Fi: let the beast be protected
  11. This is Sparta!: and we’ll go to war on this Wi-Fi
  12. Alice in No Wi-Fi land: get back to your real world now
  13. Bake me something: maybe then you’ll get access
  14. Bring beer: not bad
  15. Pray to Jesus: and stop stealing Wi-Fi
  16. Kill the Kraken for Wi-Fi: easy!
  17. Stop wasting your time: a humble advice
  18. Cookie monster: yummy
  19. Rabid bunny: better not tease it
  20. Slow and the slowest: so stop accessing my Wi-Fi
  21. See you never again: because the password’s changed now
  22. Cold blooded: mine only
  23. Leave me alone: you better do
  24. Wi-Fi for President!: he’ll surely win
  25. Lone ranger: let it ride alone
  26. Study hard Wi-Fi isn’t going anywhere: you’ll get it
  27. No Links attached: definitely
  28. Martin Router king: I have a Wi-Fi
  29. Benjamin Franklan: frankly!
  30. I know your dirty secrets: you naughty boy!

Clever Wi-Fi Names Reddit Ideas

  1. Ping slayer: clever
  2. Ironlan: fast, limited access, mega bundle and mine only!
  3. Get off my LAN: yeah get off!
  4. Lan of the dead: better watch yourself
  5. Machine gun joe: cool
  6. Download porn from your own Wi-Fi: straight and simple
  7. No one killed my Wi-Fi: you just don’t have access to it
  8. Wi Fish here?: why? Just why?
  9. Be obedient, get lost: good boy
  10. Dead Lan walking: superb
  11. Lanmower: trimming the excess users
  12. Tell my Wi-Fi love her!: I will!
  13. Internet costs $: pay yours!
  14. No free Wi-Fi for you: definitely!
  15. SlIP and dIP: sunset, some dips, coffee and my Wi-Fi
  16. Lan of the free: with no free Wi-Fi
  17. House stark: nice
  18. I see what you see: better clear your history
  19. Winternet is coming: on his way
  20. Spend some money already: c’mon already
  21. No parking here: keep going no Wi-Fi here
  22. Pay the Lanlord: that is a way!
  23. Your Wi-Fis cheating: good news!
  24. Drop it like it’s hotspot: awesome!
  25. Inspection Wan: better get a VPN
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