Top 100 Cute Matching Nicknames for Best Friends

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Friends are a real blessing, especially those who are with you in the time of distress and sorrow. Having a Cute Matching Nickname for Best Friend is something that will surely keep the bond between you and your friend long lasting and strong.

No matter how much depressed you are, you can always your sadness with your friends. Turns out, they’ll turn that into nothing and will cheer you up in no time. A true and sincere friend will always be at your side, no matter what the situation and circumstances are. You would definitely want to cherish that special person indeed. 

Nicknames for Guy Best Friend

Nicknames for Guy Best Friend-min

Whether it’s funny or cute, jolly or just a nick for any habit, a nickname definitely cheers up the happiness between friends. Here are a few names that you might add to your list. Do check cute pet names for guys and cute pet names for girls as well.

Bro: brother from another mother!

Dude: yo man!

Amigo: friend

Meatball: healthy friend

Half pack: a bit slack of health

Toretto: from the famous series for an insane driver

Walker: the best friend

Fella: as Sheamus calls “ Fella!”

Tuko: who’s mad as the drug dealer tuco from Breaking bad

Rango: from the movie, a calm and cool minded one

Sneaky: that sneaky one!

Papi: timid

Bigman: the one that you can spot from far away

Stud: another random one

Big show: the muscle man

Munchkin: short guy

Pole head: tall guy

Combo: one with many features!

Muscles: the gym lad

Hulk: one who goes frenzy like hulk

Heisenberg: the sharp evil minded

Ninja: the athletic one

Pluto: one who has cold all the time

Monkey king: one who has great evolutionary resemblance

Tiny: again the short packet

Beast boy: the tough youngster

Robin: the sharp tech person

Diesel: another cool name

Romeo: one who falls in love every month

The mechanic: the machine lover

Hammer: hammer head

Steel: the tough guy

Wire: the science guy

Maestro: cool and calm

Ace: overall striker

Harry potter: one who gets in trouble and gets lucky too

Malfoy: the jealous one

Snape: the goth like

Techy: one who has news of all new tech

Superboy: the quick and cool

Cool Nicknames to call your Best Friend

Cool Nicknames to call your Best Friend-min

You could easily decide a cool nickname based on your friend’s habits, looks, hobbies and much more. Or you can use your own imagination to try to name that buddy of yours.

Buddy: the person you could count on

Dracula: one with sharp canines

Superman: the strong and calm personality

Wonder woman: the strong independent woman

Terminator: the “ I don’t feel anything” one!

Bond: mr. agent himself

Goofball: the goofy one

Senorita: the pretty friend of yours

Cupcake: the sweet and innocent

Pepper: the spice creator

Bubble gum: healthy and squishy

Nerdo: the study person

Gummi bear: again squishy

Bean: Mr. bean

Princess: the lovely one

Prince: the charming one

Barbie: the pretty one

Rambo: the tough guy

Squirtle: the one with Pokémon face

Butterfly: the care free

Queen bee: the one girl that leads the class

Sparrow: the timid like

Tiger: the independent

BFF: best friends forever!

Genius: indeed

Speedy: the one who is conscious of the time

Rocky: the fighter and one that never gives up

Shorts: again the short person

Dimples: one with a cute dimple

Fury: the angry one

Best friend nicknames for Each Other

Best friend nicknames for Each Other-min

Even though you might have met just now, that doesn’t mean you can’t nickname your buddy. Clearing the atmosphere and making a room for joyful atmosphere is your first step and nothing can create that more than being honest and frank

Hoodie: one that wears a hood always

Twinkle toes: tiny toes

Prank master: one in every batch

Einstein: the genius one or not!

Bookworm: the study person

Bottlecap: totally

Rapunzel: one with great hair

Big Mouth: the talkative

Tej: the tech person again

Flash: here and there!

Professor: the one who teaches us at last moment

Pirate: the one who sneaks illegally

Bugs bunny: the goofy intelligent one

Giant: the big guy

Baby cakes: sweet and timid

Giggles: one who laughs a lot

Huggie bear: hug person

Pancakes: round

Kitty: sweet and adorable

Wolverine: the tough and strong willed

Tony: the cool, calm and intelligent one

King: the one whose good at what he does

Waffles: one who reminds of waffles

Bull: the angry one again

Joker: that crazy one

Batman: the moody helper

Mickey: seems nice

Undertaker: the one who’ll show up no matter what

Iron man: the enduring one

Capt America: the cool and calm leader!

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