Top 100 Cute Pet Names for Baby Boy

Cute Pet Names for Baby Boy

Babies are just adorable and who doesn’t love babies? I mean they are just one of the biggest and beautiful blessings of God. A couple surely feels their love being awakened and pro longed with the birth of their child.Who doesn’t want to name them? Other than their real names, people surely have Cute Pet Names for Baby Boy and baby girls.

List of Cute Pet Names for Baby Boy

List of Cute Pet Names for Baby Boy

For those little cute boys, who are eye catchers of their mother’s friends, keep the good work up. You’ll have to maintain the charm and the beauty all the life. Here’s a list of names for baby boys. You can also check cute nicknames for baby girl.

Adorable: the beauty that lies in him

Prince: the prince of your heart

Charming: the beautiful aspects of your boy

Cutie: indeed!

Mushroom: soft

Stylish: the way he looks beautiful after a bath

Mangolicious: sweet as a mango

Snowflake: white complexion

Cupcake: yummy

Ice cream: you want to keep loving him

Supremo: his majestic beautiness

Superboy: your little hero

Hitman: with that serious look

Gohan: super kid

Jelly: sweet and cuddly

Snow cone: rich of love

Poopy: if he poops a lot

Smiley: the way his smiles melt your heart

Selfie boy: responses well on pictures and selfies

Sleepy: most of the time

Angel: a gift from heaven

Joyboy: laughs with joy

Hero: entirely yours

Tacos: cravings!

Gluey: you can’t spend a time without him

Pirate: when he gives you that look

Softy: his soft cheeks

Heart catcher: makes your friend’s aww

Ladies boy: indeed!

Clingy: can’t sleep without his mama

Chocolaty: his beautiful color

Sweetie: sweet

My life: he is indeed

Mama’s boy: mama’s love

Daddy’s kid: daddy’s hero

Rubber ball: with that cute lovable body

Little dude: o yeah

Little Johnson: drees him like a gentleman

Mr. sensitive: when he can’t handle his hunger or noise

Baby: my love!

Stylish Pet Names for Baby Boy

Stylish Pet Names for Baby Boy

Every child carries his charm and is beautiful in his own way. There’s no way for you to discriminate between them. They are the loveliest of God’s gifts!

Knight: your little savior

Cowboy: a little western style

Dearie: the dear one

Dimples: if he has those lovely dimples

Lil man: when he tries to act like a man

Pudding: yummy

Popcorn: you have him even during your movies

Sunshine: your day begins with his smile

Shooting star: your dearest wish

Chipmunk: cutie

Baby bear: mama loves you

Fuzzy: covered with fuzz

Kitty: cute as a kitten

Pooh: that little character

Bunny: soft and cuddly

Tiger: a little wild boy

Teddy: you want to cuddle him

Pikachu: adorable

Buttercup: just cute

Caramel: yummy

Cookie: you want to bite him

Ginger bread man: eat those soft toes and hands

Jellybean: softy and sweet

Muffin: full of love

Oreo: a lovable treat

Rockstar: your little performer

Tulip: beautiful

Lil king kong: will go wild for his mama

Leo: your lion

Sparky: a little too active

Mickey mouse: mouse

Peaches: cute and round

Sugar: one kiss and you turn sweet

Sweetpea: indeed

Tweety: just as cute

Sylvester: that little mischief maker

Honey buns: yummlicious

Squirtle: if he pees unusually

Cub: lovable and cute

Precious: more than anything!


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