Top 60 Trending French Horse Names You Should Pick

French Horse Names are mostly used for horse worldwide. French is a very passionate speech, and any title that you choose for your horse will always sound better in French. Alright, well maybe just kidding there, but French names sound alluring and sophisticated rolling off the tongue.

French Horse Names According to Food and Beverage

In France, the cuisine is sweet, savory, buttery, and chocolate-filled. Try one of those yummy names best suited for a horse:

  1. Flan: A caramel, custard type of dessert, a perfect name for a lightly colored brown or golden horse
  2. Bonbon: Any little sweet, dipped and covered in chocolate
  3. Café Au Lait: Coffee with hot milk added
  4. Madeleine: A mini yellow cake
  5. Petit Noir: French slang for espresso
  6. Croissant: Flakey, buttery pastry
  7. Truffle: Either a black mushroom or a chocolate candy
  8. Soufflé: Fluffy, rich dessert with an egg white base
  9. Ratatouille: Vegetable dish
  10. Mousse: Pastry cream
  11. Éclair: Yellow dough pastry topped off with icing
  12. Profiterole: Creampuff dessert
  13. Meringue: White or pale yellow egg and sugar pie topping, cute for a white horse
  14. Crème Brûlée: Burnt sugar dessert
  15. Ganache: A dark chocolate icing, great for a darker colored horse
  16. Baguette: Long and narrow French bread, lightly crisped
  17. Quiche Lorraine: Open cheese pastry type meal
  18. Merlot: Darker colored grape used for winemaking
  19. Cabernet: The prefix for many different types of wines
  20. Sauvignon: Often referred to a white grape for winemaking, perfect name for a Palomino horse

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French Horse Names Based on Colour

It’s always a fantastic idea to name your horse after the color of its coat or strain type. The English names for colors frequently seem bland. These traditional color-based names appear which better:

  1. Rouge: Crimson
  2. Noir: Dark
  3. D’or: Gold
  4. Crème: Light yellowish
  5. Blanc: White

Uniquely French Horse Names

Many other words seem great in French. Below is a compilation of some fantastically French words, phrases, and actual names that are music to the ears:

  1. Crème de la Crème: The best of the best
  2. Belle: Beautiful
  3. Beau: Handsome
  4. Bisou: kiss
  5. Chérie: Sweetheart
  6. Mademoiselle: Ms. or miss. You can add this in front of another word to give your name a certain je ne sais quoi.
  7. Amour: Love
  8. Estelle: Star
  9. Parfait: Perfect
  10. François: Translates into the English name Francis (man )
  11. Claudette: A Gorgeous French name for a girl
  12. Antoinette: A lovely name for a woman horse
  13. Jacques: Title for a male horse
  14. Giselle
  15. Clemence
  16. Chloé

Famously French Horse Names

It’s advisable to name your horse following a French person or location you respect. Some excellent suggestions are:

  1. Henri Matisse: The world-renowned French painter
  2. Coco Chanel: The famous French fashion designer
  3. Yves Saint Laurent: Male fashion designer, a.k.a YSL
  4. Napoleon: The once emperor of France
  5. Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer many famous because of his monogrammed handbags still popular today, the fantastic title for a brownish spotted horse
  6. Monet: As in Claude Monet, the famed painter
  7. Brigitte Bardot: French actress and model. Since she was blonde, this name is perfect for a Palomino horse.
  8. Marie Antoinette: Former Queen of France
  9. Givenchy: Man fashion designer
  10. Versailles: Formerly a royal château, open to the public as a museum
  11. Bordeaux: Town in France known for its wine
  12. Dom Pérignon: Famous monk Famous for his superior champagne, great title for a showhorse

Funny French Horse Names

Sometimes you only wish to make others laugh. Below are some bright claims for your French horse:

  1. French Fry
  2. French Toast
  3. Frenchie
  4. Pepé Le Pew + Penelope: 2 names that you can name your horses, even if you have more than one. These are cute and funny titles from the silly skunk cartoon.
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