Top 100 Clever Pet Fish Names

Top 100 Clever Pet Fish Names
Top 100 Clever Pet Fish Names

Naming your pet fish can be very fascinating, especially when there are many fishes in your fish tank. Having a pet really makes a person cheerful and caring, as he develops a feeling of love and care towards it. Choosing a Clever Pet Fish Names can be interesting though and it can be quite a fun.

Unique Male Clever Fish Names

You’d definitely need to give a thinking about naming your male betta fish. You want it to be special and unique. Here’s a list of some names you might want to consider

  1. Ace: the best
  2. Marshal: the attitude like the military
  3. Algae: a fun name to call
  4. Alpha: the leader of the tank
  5. : your little bro
  6. Badger: simply to call
  7. Wayne: the extra ordinary
  8. Bruce lee: when he’s too fast
  9. Bubbles: makes a lot of bubbles
  10. Charlie: just call it
  11. Comet: for it’s comet like skin color
  12. Diego: the awesome names
  13. Dominic: when he’s fast swimming
  14. Paul: brotherly love
  15. Fishy: something’s fishy
  16. Mario: super Mario!
  17. Zeus: the mighty look of it
  18. Henry: hardcore henry
  19. Freddy: that scary laughing look
  20. Jason: when you just can’t get it’s sight off of you
  21. Squirtle: the cool water Pokémon
  22. Totodile: the crazy one
  23. Magikarp: the goof looking
  24. Gyarados: angry hungry fish
  25. Hydra: super villain looks
  26. Sniper: the sharp eyes on it’s food
  27. Phantom: when you can’t find it in the tank
  28. Knight: the savior of all
  29. Axe: the fighter fish
  30. Ranger: the sophisticated
  31. Jinn: from tekken series
  32. Lee: again from the tekken series
  33. Neo: a cool and unique name
  34. Jaws: has that animal nature
  35. Marbles: uniquely cute name
  36. Romeo: you just love to spend time with it
  37. Groot: I am groot!
  38. Rocket: the fishy genius
  39. Prince: the handsome

Funny Clever Fish Names Puns

Top 100 Clever Pet Fish Names
Top 100 Clever Pet Fish Names


Who doesn’t want a cool yet funny name for their pet? It would surely switch the things around and calling your pet with that funny name will definitely enlighten your mood as well.

  1. Beanie: the bean looking
  2. Buster: hits the tank every now and then
  3. Vegeta: the prince vegeta
  4. Goku: the fighter
  5. Cosmo: the cosmic one
  6. Eddie: the sneaky one
  7. Aladdin: the in love
  8. Issac: philosopher thinking face
  9. Jerry: the sneaky fish
  10. Abraham: the ideal
  11. Muscles: has some strong gills
  12. Maximus: the fighting flame
  13. Nile: a cool name resemblance
  14. Fishy: fish and chips
  15. Nemo: find it
  16. Robot: when it gets static
  17. Tuna: fish resemblance
  18. Yogi: the bear, though it’s a fish
  19. Squishy: when you try to grab it, it squishes out
  20. Unstable fish: the crazy moving one
  21. Redhead: goes frenzy when food is near
  22. Gunman: keeps a lookout
  23. Scorpio: the not so scared fish
  24. Lucifer: the devil within
  25. Jumbo: funny
  26. Garfield: the lazy hungry fish
  27. Foxy: has those erotic looks
  28. Flynn: the rider
  29. Courage: the cowardly fish
  30. Ronaldo: moves like it’s about to score


Blue Clever Fish Names

Top 100 Clever Pet Fish Names
Top 100 Clever Pet Fish Names
  1. Blue ranger: the high spirited one
  2. Sky: the heavenly resemblance
  3. Ocean: the deep thinking look
  4. Rio: sophisticated
  5. Smurf: the funny looking
  6. Frosty: has that cold look
  7. Winter: its here
  8. Snowy: the cool and calm
  9. Ice man: the chill looking
  10. freeze: freezes at random events
  11. Hamlet: the knight
  12. T-bone: the street name
  13. Starshine: your daily greeting
  14. Staryu: the water Pokémon
  15. Blue whale: the epic resemblance
  16. Rhino: the charger when you call
  17. Ramsey: the chef in the tank
  18. Paul: a cool name
  19. Jesse: Pinkman
  20. Oscar: nice name
  21. Oliver: a unique name for
  22. Mack: your buddy
  23. Looney: funny looking
  24. Louis: your friend in need
  25. Luigi: the brotherly love
  26. Kent: secret
  27. Winston: the famous pm
  28. Bison: the evil looking
  29. Jimmie: your little fellow
  30. Romeo: when it loves you back


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