Top 100 Cute Anime Girl Names

Cute Anime Girl Names

Anime has been the favorites of many from a very long time. Many new series have been released with amazing plots and stories. Featuring Cute Anime Girl Names as well as many famous characters, the anime have proven to be a great source of fun and great time passer

Best Anime Female Names

Best Anime Female Names

Female characters have been a great influence in anime, especially when the story and theme revolves around female character. Though the characters can be named as desired, here are some names for female anime characters. Also check cute pet nicknames for girls

Sakura: the powerful shinobi from Naruto series

Hinata: the shy cute lover

Lucy: the powerful one

Yuri: amazing

Tsunade: the monstrous power holder

Raven: the magical titan

Ayaka: colorful flower

Ayane: the colored child

Wendy: cool

Yona: another superb character

Xenovia: awesome

Yui: quite famous though

Kora: the avatar

Suki: the gymnast from the avatar series

Katara: aang’s subordinate

Ino: the flirty one

May: zuko’s love

Kushina: the mother who died protecting her child

Kurenai: the mysterious sensi

Bulma: the brilliant one

Emi: quite an anime

Hana: cool name

Hikaru: the ice soldier

Asuna: fighter

Konan: felt the pain side by side

Cool Anime Character Names

Cute Anime Girl Names
Cute Anime Girl Names

There have been many awesome series that have been released that have reached quite up to a mark. Here are some cool anime character names

Naruto: the never back down shinobi

Sasuke: the avenger

Obito: just changed the whole course

Madara: incredibly powerful one

Akari: cool

Keiko:  another strong character

Tsubasa: the eagle flyer

Ryuga: dragon lord

Jin: the jin!

Danzo: the political critic mind

Brock: the Pokémon breeder

Sarada: the uchiha blood

Karin: the intelligent chick

Beerus: the god of destruction

Whis: teacher for beerus

Takashi: from anime as well as Tokyo drift

Rin: the selfless fighter

Neji: one who sacrificed a lot

Vegeta: the prince of saiyans

Nagato: let all the pain unleash

Yamato: capt!

Goku: The awesome DBZ series main character

Kakashi: the copy ninja

Hashirama: first hokage

Tobirama: lord second

Ootori Kyouya: the intelligent VP of ouran high

Yagami light: the bringer of divine justice

Kimimaro: selfless servant

Jugo: original curse mark

Gaara: the sand prince

Bojack: unleashed

Black butler: awesome series name

Monkey D. Luffy: one piece

Yahiko: the leader

Shikamaru: lazy genious

Ciel Phantomhive: the character from black butler series

Death: the kid from soul eater

Alucard: the horrific character from hell sing

Rock lee: never backing down

Might guy: the mighty one

Momoshiki: new world order

Kaguya: of the beginning

Champa: another god of destruction

Elder king: the great!

Sarutobi: lord third

Raikage: the lightening spirit

Ash ketchum: the chosen boy

Moltress: the fire bird

Ko ho: legendary bird

Badass Female Anime Characters

Badass Female Anime Characters

Sniper girl: girl who found her destiny

Android: from dbz series

Asuna: the badass girl from sword art online

Saber: the fighter from stay night

Mikasa Ackerman: attack in titan!

Erza Scarlet: the redhead beauty from fairy tail

Sakura Haruno: the blossoming flower beast

Homura Akemi: the shooter girl

Motoko Kusanagi: Major from ghost in the shell

Casca: the girl from bersek

Yoruichi Shihouin: the goddess of flash!

Hikaru Minamoto: the arrow legend

Satsuki Kiryuuin: the blade fighter

Lina Inverse: the slaying sorceress

Sara: the samurai

Utena Tenjou: the noble prince model

Shana: the powerful flame haze

Shiki Ryuogi: the most pain tolerant

Teresa: the most powerful Claymore of all time

Morgiana: the amazingly strong fighter

Balsa Yonsa: the wandering bodyguard for hire

Yoku Nakajima: the epic sword fighter

Maka Albarn: the Scythe master with demon scythe

Sango: master demon slayer

San: the wild warrior

Ai Enma: the badass from hell girl



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