Top 100 Cute Male Dog Nicknames

Cute Male Dog Nicknames

Dog is considered the most faithful pet animal. Most of the people call their male dogs with cute nicknames. If you are tired of calling your pet with common nicknames like Tommy, Buddy, Rocky etc. and you are looking for Cute Male Dog Nicknames, you are surely at the right spot.

How to make a cute male dog nickname?

The most difficult question asked by most of the pet holders is, how to select a cute male dog nickname? What are the factors that must be considered while choosing a suitable cute male dog nickname?

The answer to this is, you just have to pick a name that is straight forward, simple, and decent. The cute male dog nicknames that you are gonna pick must contain some attributes of your pet.

Best 100 Cute Male Dog Nicknames

There’s no rocket science in picking up a cute male dog nickname for your pet. You can choose the nickname that you think is better for your pet.

To help you out from these complications, we are sharing some outstanding list of cute male dog nicknames that will help you to pick the right one for your lovable pet!

Let’s Rock!

Unique Male Dog Names

Unique Male Dog Names

To attract others about the qualities and good behavior of your pet, you must select a unique male dog nickname for your doggy. When you’ll call your pet with such unique nickname in the public, it’ll not only lift up the morale of your pet but also you will get more attention from the surrounding because of your unique pet name for the little Tommy.

Ace: For cute white dogs.

Apollo: Just to let him know he’s too cute and intelligent.

Elvis: A different one.

Bandit: A nice name to call your dog.

Baxter: For serious looking pups.

Dexter: Inspired from a film character.

Benji: A sweet way to call a cute male dog.

Bubba: Just to show your affection.

Buster: If he always busts you no matter where you hide!

Boomer: For extra-ordinary active dogs.

Charlie: For someone who loves to make fun.

Chester: For a sweet and cute pup.

Champ: No doubt about that.

Coco: For a black dog.

Cooper: If he’s a quick learner.

Copper: If he loves to play with the door handles.

Codi: A sweet name.

Cheeku: For a sweet adorable male dog.

Bruno: if the pup is of brownie shade.

Cashy: if he knows very well how to cash every opportunity to make fun.

Chaser: If he loves to run behind the ball.

Benny: Just to show your love.

Bear: If he’s a bit bulky just like bears.

Bailey: If he’s very active and intelligent.

Benji: A short form of “Benjamin”

Boo: To show your ultimate love and enormous affection with him.

Duke: A cute way to call him.

Diesel: If he’s a bit slow – just as a diesel engine s powerful but a bit slow in the beginning.

Jetty: If he runs quite fast.

Tiger: Just to show his strength.

Funny Male Dog Names

Funny Male Dog Names


There’s no problem if you wanna choose a funny name for your male dog. You can pick any of his characteristic or habit to call him with such name.

Chancy: If he always looks for chances to make some fun.

Frankie: If he’s your best friend.

Georgy: Just to show your love and enhanced level of affection with your pup.

Gizmo: for a gorgeous puppy.

Gunner: If he gets too much excited when he sees some female dog.

Gus: For someone who is wild yet beautiful.

Hunk: If your dog is a bit bulky.

Harley: A unique pet name for male dogs.

Hunter: If he loves to hunt cats.

Jacky: For a Rock-star Pup.

Biter: If he loves to bite clothes.

Mac: If he’s fast and unstoppable.

Lucky: No doubt about it.

Loki: If he loves to stay at home.

Mickey: Just to call him “Lil Monkey!”

Misty: If he’s a bit different from all other dogs.

Sweater: If he sweats too much.

Breather: if he gets too excited after seeing someone.

Lover: If he’s a lover of female dogs.

Sexter: If he’s always ready to have sex.

Most Uncommon Dog Names

Funny Male Dog Names

If you are looking for something extraordinary and too different. We have a collection of most uncommon male dog nicknames that will help you to get a right match for your dog. You can pick any of the cute nicknames for your male dog. You’ll surely find it uncommon.

Rex: If your dog is very humble and cute.

Riley: Just to make a difference.

Rocco: If he loves to rock and shock.

Kobe: A naught way to call your doggy.

Leo: A smart one for your pet.

Jax: A different one.

Jasper: A sweet way to call the puppy.

Jake: For a best looking pup.

Jack: Inspired from the character “Jack Sparrow”

Luke: For someone who loves to lick.

Murphy: Only for intelligent dogs.

Oscar: because he’s the worthiest pet.

Oreo: if he’s of black color.

Ziggy: if he loves to zig-zag.

Oliver: Because your dog is best among all.

Winston: For wise dogs.

Yoda: The fighter.

Zeus: A cute name for male dogs.

Sam: For active pups.

Tucker: if he loves to show off his strengths.

Small Cute Male Dog Names

If your dog isn’t very bulky and heavy. You can pick up a cute male dog name keeping in mind his size and body looks. There are various ways to select cute names for small male dogs. You can choose a name for them according to their habits and way to treating other pets.

We have crafted a best list keeping in mind the certain aspects of the cute dogs. This diverse list of small cute male dog names will certainly be a milestone for you in choosing the right pet name for your dog.

Puppy: A cutest name to call a small dog.

Pup: a short form of Puppy.

Cutie: because he’s a cute kiddo.

Teddy: to show your love.

Spike: if he jumps a lot.

Slicer: if he loves to tear things apart.

Tyson: just to show his strengths.

Sparky: because he’s a star for you.

Simba: if he’s a queerly kid.

Shadow: if he always follows you.

Samsun: a sweet one for the male dog.

Sammy: if he loves to cuddle.

Rusty: if he’s a silent guy.

Rufus: For a fast and active dog.

Tanker: if he urinate a lot.

Rudy: if he’s a bit rude when in public.

Romeo: if he is your love of life.

Rocky: For a rock-star dog.

Toby: If he’s too innocent.

Lil Saint: A short form of “Little saint”

Lil Angel: A short form of “Little Angel!”

Sweet Pie: No Doubt.

Cup Cake: Because he’s delicious.

Lil Mug: A short form of “Little Mug!”

Ollie: Just to be unique.

Ducky: If he loves to walk slowly.

Lucy: A nice one for sweet pup.

Kiddo: Just to show your love.

Dexy: A short form of Dexter.

Hot Dog: Because he is really a hot one.


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