Top 100 Cute Pet Nicknames for Guys

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Have your tried any Cute Pet Nicknames for Guys rather than calling him with the most common pet names like LOVE, HONEY, DEAR etc. No doubt, these names have their own charm but you can further enhance the beauty and bonding of your relationship by adding up a cute nickname to the list of your favorite ways of interaction with your guy!

Guys feel very different and respected when someone – especially a girl calls them with some cute pet name. You must be looking for some extraordinary interaction and attraction with your guy. So, choose a cute pet name for him and you’ll surely get all you have ever wished – the love, the respect, and unlimited interaction.

Best 100 Cute Pet Names for Guys

If he calls you by using a cute pet name for girl, you must have to respond him back by calling him with a cute nickname. It’ll surely result in enhanced affection as well as strengthening of your relationship and betterment in mutual understanding.

You can choose a cute pet name for your guy from the below given diversely crafted list of nicknames for guys.

Let’s Rock!

Romantic Nicknames for Guys

Romantic Nicknames for Guys

If you buddy loves to be romantic with you and you have taken your relationship to a next level, you must choose a romantic nickname for your guy because it’ll let him know that you are interested in him and there’s nothing in the world that’s important than him.

Binky: For someone who is sickeningly nice and cute.

Cosmo: For a style geek.

Apple: For red hot guy.

My All: Nothing’s better than this cute pet name.

My Sky: Because he’s all you have ever wished.

Bestie: If he’s your best and closest friend.

Champ: Because he’s the champ of your life.

Spiky: A cute pet name for your guy if he’s sweet and loves to touch and kiss.

Dream Boat: If he’s the center of your dreams.

Lucky Charm: For someone with whom you have a history of success.

My Romeo: Any doubt!

Destiny: Because he is!

Night-Light: if he’s the one who guides you through all thick and thin.

Heart-Hacker: Because he has hacked you’re your heart.

Heart-Sniffer: if he knows what’s going on in your heart.

Sweet Cheeks: just to praise his looks.

Lipy-Lip: if he’s the one who loves to kiss.

Huggy: If he’s a hug lover.

Gumdrop: For an adorable and sweet guy.

Sunshine: Absolutely true!

Choco Cheek: For dark skinned guy.

Heart-Breaker: if he’s very faithful to you.

Love Bug: if he’ your love of life.

Mr. Handsome: Any doubt?

Mr. Cute: Wow! A best romantic name for your guy.

Mr. Perfect: Is it wrong?

Mr. Lover: Because he is!

Mr. Love-Locker: If he always locks you in his love and attention.

Mr. Mine: So True!

Candy: For a sweet and funny guy.

The Coffee Mug: If your day is incomplete without him.

Mr. Addiction: Can you really survive without him?

Love Bird: Because he is!

Goofy: For someone who is fat yet overloaded with cuteness.

Gigli Boy: If he always makes you smile.

Jelly Bear: for sweetest lovable guy!

Lifeline: If he’s always with you in the hour of need and stays right behind you through all thick and thin.

Sweetie: A romantic pet name for the loveable guys.

My Angel: Absolutely right!

Babes: Just an extension of cuteness.

Baby: If he’s baby faced and awesomely cute!

My Every-thing: The best way to express your love for him.

My Crush: No doubt about it!

Rocky: A short form of rock-star.

Rock-Star: He’s the rock-star of your life.

Spunky: IF you are unable to ignore him and his sweet gestures.

Hug Master: for a guy who is an expert hugger and loves to seduce you through his hugging.

Hugster:  If he hugs you without any reason!

Jellybean: For someone who is soft as well as sweet and irresistible.

Sweet Dish: A romantic nickname for your guy who is your love of life.

Funny Pet Names for Guys

If your guy is humorous and loves to tease you with variety of pet names, you can also choose a funny pet name for your guy to amuse him and to tease him back.

Grab any of his weakness and tease him by calling him with some cute pet name. He’ll surely gonna love it because it’s a nice way to stay connected to him and to let him know that how important he is in your life.

Boo-Thang: If you love his actions and speaking accent.

Bad Boy: Because he is! There’s no doubt about it!

Jazzy: If he loves to dance.

Cheeky Chimp: If you love his smiley cheeks.

Chunky: For a guy who is sweet and a bit fat.

Pup: If he loves to have pet animals like dogs, cats, parrots etc.

Leggy: For someone who has long legs.

D.J (Deejay): If he loves the music.

Lovey: An extended form of LOVE.

Pudding Pie: For Adorable, Cute, and sweet guy.

Soda Pop: for someone who drinks a lot of soda.

My Chuckle: If you are in love with his laughter.

My Smile: If he’s the reason behind your every smile.

Firecracker: If he always brings smile on your face irrespective the fact how sad you are!

Kiddo: Just to tease him.

Squishy Boy: if he has adorable looks.

Google: If he answers everything you ask.

My Drug: If you can’t live without him.

Pumpkin Pie: If he’s fat but Decent.

Fela: Because he’s your best buddy.

Little Monkey: If he is your fun generator.

Yummy Bear: If he has incredible taste.

Wuggles: If loves to snuggle and kiss!

Xoxo: A funny pet name for funny guys.

Knave: For a sweet and sexy guy!

Charlie Boy: If he always bring smile on your face.

Nutty: If he’s a naughty guy!

Poke Faced: If he’s very funny and humor filled but rarely smiles.

Regulator: If he always corrects you regarding various points you talk.

Cup Cake: If he’s a bit fat.

Muffin: If he loves to mingle.

Honey Snack: An interesting funny name for your guy.

Play Boy: If he flirts a lot.

Lady Fingers: If his fingers are very small.

Handy: If he has small hands.

Dirty Pet Names for Guys

Dirty pet names are not to call in public. Only use a dirty pet name for your guy when both of you are alone. You can use them when you are in the same room or on the same bed.

These names are meant to sexually arouse your guy so that he could love you beyond an extent you have ever imagined.

Dirty Guy: Because he is!

Monster: If he’s really a monster kid!

Foxy: For someone who’s clever yet easy to conquer.

Spanky: If he do some kind of spanking while you are in the bed.

Snuggy: If he loves to snuggle around.

Hot Stuff: No Doubt!

Honey Pants: Just to tease him!

Kissy Face: If he’s irresistible to do kissing.

Sexy Kiddo: No doubt about it.

Sexy Devil: Because he is!

Orgmist: Hope you know what it mean!

Mr. Untamed: If he’s too wild in the bed.

Sexter: If he loves to do dirty talking over the text.

He Man: To sexually arouse him!

Fuzz Butt: A best one to tease him while both of you are short in clothes.


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