Top 100 Adorable Cute Nicknames for your girlfriend

Cute Nicknames for your girlfriend

We all want to fall in love with the person who loves us back as much as we do. Not only we want to be special to them, but also make their happiness our first priority. Well here are some Cute Nicknames for your girlfriend that you can mix up the way you like to make them special for your loved one.Having someone that cares for your emotions is the best feeling in the world.

Romantic Nicknames for your Girlfriend

Romantic Nicknames for your Girlfriend

A relationship with boundaries is no relationship at all. The partners should ease up each other, respecting the private life and space of each other. There should not be tension between them; rather they should open up to each other about their problems and issues. Being romantic is not called all the time, but being supportive in every matter makes the relation stronger and long lasting. Do look at cute snapchat names for your girlfriend as well.

Baby: when she’s as adorable and cute as a newborn baby!

Bae: short for baby:

Cutiepie: resemblance with your favorite pie

Cutie: simply cute!

Mushy: cute and cuddly!

Kitten: adorable like a baby cat

Sugar: sweet!

Sugarpie: yummy

Lovely: no words for her beauty

Princess: indeed she is!

Queen: the queen of your heart

Beauty: the perfect one to tame your beast

My life: yes she is!

Moonlight: let her light shine in your darkness

Star shine: the beautiful shine of your life!

Sunshine: your morning glory!

Gorgeous: she simply is

Amazo: the way she is amazing

Wondergirl: the wonders she’d made in your life

Morning star: you just want to wake up beside her

Babycakes: yummy and cute

Cookie: just delicious

Muffin: full of love

Humpty: you wont let her fall

Jellybean: squishy and soft

Soulmate: she definitely has yours

Better half: indeed!

Destiny: you don’t want someone else!

Galaxy: your entire universe!

Snowflake: a sensitive one

Snowcone: cool and calm

Sky: she urges you to reach your goals

Elsa: the snow queen

Pumpkin: she is

Future wify: do make the love permanent

Love: your entire love is for her!

Rose: the queen of flowers

Tulip: has her charms

Amazing: just the way she is!

Puppy: cutie!

Sweet Nicknames for your Girlfriend

Sweet Nicknames for your Girlfriend

Add that sweetness in your relationship. No matter what are you going through and what more you’d have to endure, stay with each other and support. Everything will turn out to be just fine eventually, just hang in there with each other. Hold yourselves together as if it’s the last time and love like never before

My lady: be the gentleman for her

My queen: be the king of her heart

Beautiful: she is In every way

Mrs. (your name): you could call her that too

Cookie monster: when she acts a little cranky

Chocolate: yummy

Berry: sweet and colorful

Honey: so sweet

Cucumber: curvy looks

Wonder woman: strong willed

Rapunzel: her beautiful locks

Snow white: her amazing beauty

Cinderella: your lost love!

Killer eyes: the way she stuns you with those eyes

Dolphin: the curvy body!

Tigress: strong and independent

Breeze: a cool act of affection

Smoochie: the way she kisses you

Cuddly: warm cuddles

Chef: the way she cooks food for you

Dream girl: you cant wish for more

Ms. World: yes she is!

One and only: just her only!

Sparky: she electrified your life!

Shooting star: the wish that came true

Ecstasy: takes your relation to the next level

Marshmallow: softy!

Butterfly: the way she moves!

Evee: cute pokemon

Heavenly: indeed chosen for you!

Funny Nicknames for your Girlfriend

Funny Nicknames for your Girlfriend

Who doesn’t like to have fun with your loved one? You can’t just be romantic all the time and even psychology says that girls are attracted to the person with a good sense of humor. So, become Jim Kerry for now and then instead of being Shakespeare all the time!

Honey boo: or honey bear

Puky: when she gets sick

Fishy: she figures what you’re up to

Charizard: angry!

Clingy: she doesn’t want to leave you ever!

Celebrity: her charmy looks

Lazy bear: when she is lazy

Shower queen: she takes a lot of time in the shower

Cocoa monster: has cravings for chocolate stuff

Candilicious: loves candies a lot

Letty: drives insanely awesome

Hairball: has her hairs all over you!

Badass beauty: when she protects you from other chicks!

Bootilicious: ahmm!

Yoga pants: the way she does yoga all day

Sleepy: sleeps a lot

Ice cream crazy: well who doesn’t love ice cream?

Rockstar: the way she rocks your world

Hot fumes: her hot looks and scent

Gamer girl: when she’s your healer

The mechanic: does know the car stuff!

Miss clean: has hygienic issues

Worker girl: tries to be independent all the time

Lego: Lego crazy

Emotion queen: becomes touchy about you!

Ms. Sensitive: a bit too emotional

Beautiful nerd: has charms and brains!

Hyperactive: never rests for you!

Super girl: works everything for you

Munchkin: short heighted


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