Top 100 Another names for drug addicts

Another names for drug addicts

Drugs and drugs addict have a different kind of names that are being used to call drug addicts as well as the drugs itself. Some names for drug addicts are slang, some names are the druggie, and Another names for drug addicts is to relate them to the drug they use!

In short, whether it is a legal drug or an illegal drug, the one who abuses its use try to call it with a different drug addict name because it is a nice way to hide the truth and mold the fact behind the abusive drugs.

If you wanna get an accurate name for drug addict that will help you to understand why and what is the story or mystery behind these uncommon names, you are surely at the right place.

Famous 100 another names for drug addicts

We are gonna share another series of street names for drug addicts that will help you to understand the meanings and reasons of these uncommonly used words.

Slang names for drug addicts

Street drug names are very common and so do the slang names for drug addicts. It has become a modern tradition to use some kind of slang names for drug addicts.

Let’s dive deep inside!

  • Air head
  • Head juicer
  • Air Artillery
  • Artillery
  • Alley juice
  • Air head
  • Alcoholic
  • Drug bud
  • Drug Dose
  • Looser
  • Nighty Day
  • Black Day
  • Black minds
  • Dirty thinkers
  • Dirty Sniffers
  • Junk Lovers
  • Junkies
  • Acid Drinkers
  • Bean Hunters
  • Bean Catchers
  • Bean Finders
  • Marijuana Creeps
  • Marijuana Folks
  • Bindle
  • Black outs
  • Venom lovers
  • Venom drinkers
  • Venom injectors
  • Venom puffers
  • Venom sniffers
  • Venom finders
  • Venom carriers
  • Lazy boozers
  • Lazy bastards
  • Lazy movers
  • Team lazy
  • Burn buttons
  • Buzzed kindles
  • Buzzed candles
  • China salters
  • Salt tasters
  • Cheesy creepers
  • Chronic holders
  • Glass breakers
  • Addiction gang
  • Addicted gang
  • Gang of boozers
  • Warriors of booze
  • Coke fans
  • Combo users
  • Creepy connections
  • Group creep
  • Diamond losers
  • Creep diamonds

Accurate names for drug addicts

Slang names for drug addicts

Here are some common and accurate names for drug addicts that directly point what these names are for!

  • Downers
  • Deep Divers
  • Dream Divers
  • Dream kids
  • Dreamy world
  • Dream breakers
  • Doted dreams
  • White elephants
  • Pink lovers
  • Dust creeps
  • Fuzz hunters
  • Ganja gang
  • Ganja creeps
  • Mild lifers
  • Sneaky bitches
  • Sneaky rascals
  • Goofy balls’
  • Frightful sneakers
  • Happy dusters
  • Hard stuffers
  • Healing hubs
  • Aimless bodies
  • Hip hop gang
  • Hopeless team
  • High herb
  • Loss Pearls
  • Jaggies
  • Day dreamers
  • Weed killers
  • Flying hubs
  • Day flyers
  • Day dreamers
  • Rocket Men
  • Smoke hunters
  • Smoke finders
  • Leaf lover
  • Minty flesh
  • Norries nuggets
  • Shoot up team
  • School boys
  • Water lovers

Another names for drug addicts

  • Sugar cross
  • Sugar dusts
  • Sugar creepers
  • Awesome hunters
  • Mind stranglers
  • Super icy
  • Thai stickers
  • Booze partners
  • Inject Partners
  • Turf trenches
  • Turfy benches



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