Top 100 Betta Pet Names for Fish

Betta Pet Names for Fish

Betta fishes are very common pet fishes. A Cute Betta Pet Names for Fish is mandatory to enhance the spice of this lovable hobby. Besides betta fish pet names, you can also use these pet names for tropical fishes as well as you can use these pet names for goldfish.

Other pet fishes include Danios, Black Molly, and Platies Fishes. You can also get a cute pet name for Danios fish, you can find some great nicknames for black molly, and most importantly you can get pet names for Platies fishes – my favorite ones!

Best 100+ Betta Pet Names for Fish

Your search for cute betta fish pet names is gonna end here because we are gonna share some outstanding pet names for betta fishes as well as for other home aquarium fishes like Danios, Black Molly, and Platies etc.

Unique Male Betta Fish Names

Unique Male Betta Fish Names

Betta Fishes are very popular especially among those who want to build a small or medium sized home aquarium. Male Betta Fishes and Female Betta fishes, both must an essential part of the aquarium when it comes to the beauty and diversity.

Comet: A unique betta fish name.

Bubbles: if she loves to play with the bubbles.

Shadow: if she’s a follower.

Casper: a nice one.

Pumpkin: Beauty overloaded.

Pile O Skulls: For racers.

Flash: For fast swimmer.

Boo: My favorite one.

Crimsin: To praise her beauty.

Blue: A fantastic choice.

Fishy: An ultimate unique betta fish name.

Freckles: OMG! So right!

Charlie: For great amusers.

Goldie: A different touch.

Ariel: A cute nickname.

Spot: The hot spotter.

McLovin: A lovable nickname.

Crimson: Any doubt?

Spike: For kiddo Fishes.

Nemo: A Chinese touch.

Yuki: A Japanese touch.

Johnston: For white color fishes.

Flappy: For smart ones.

Ajax: Faster ones.

Asa: Lovable.

Japanese Betta Fishes Names

Japanese Betta Fishes Names

The most different and unique pet name for fish could be a Japanese name for Betta Fishes because of the different accent and pronunciation. Japanese betta fishes names sound very different that further enhances the charm of calling betta fishes with cute nick names.

Here’s a list of some Japanese betta fishes names!

Sushi: Hahaha! Please don’t share this word’s meaning with your betta fish.

Bowa: A Japanese touch.

Ashlyn: Isn’t it cute?

Dona: A good replacement.

Maranda: Beautiful.

Serena: Wow!

Kayla: A good Japanese touch.

Tona: Just to sound fancy.

Todd: For young fishes.

Katelyn: For side-liners.

Madie: Sweet madness.

Hypotha: An abstraction.

Melanic: A favorite’s touch.

Ozzi: How Cute!

Letisha: So different.

Yunaji: what else?

Brucey: For leading fish.

Madison: A different nickname.

Kylie: So unique.

Emily: Ice breaker.

Cindy: A sweet yet different.

Adh: Awesome!

Haleigh: So demanding.

Tai: Mean Fishy.

Horatio: A pet Japanese touch.

Kaiju: Pure Japanese.

Moon: sounds interesting?  

Eureka: Ordered.

Summon: Hahaha! A nice one.

Esau: The bone chiller.

Chumtee: A sweet nickname.

Globo: For bulky fishes.

Fish stick: Sticky ones.

Yin: Best one.

Yang: Awesome One.

Cute Girl Betta Fish Names

Cute Girl Betta Fish Names

We have shared some awesome names with you for male betta fishes, how about some cute girl betta fish names? Sounds interesting, right?

Girl betta fishes are very popular. Moreover, since betta fishes are of many different colors that’s why it is quite mandatory to pick a cute girl betta fish name that could rightly point out your favorite betta fish in the whole crowd!

Debie: A sweet female betta fish name.

Fifi: yummy!

Hazy: Cutie!

Gin: So sweet!

Andy: Different one!

Amy: A cute one!

Kyra: Blossoming one.

Iris: Hot liner!

Irene: The Kelly lover.

Kelly: The food lover.

Cassie: A nice nickname.

Coral: From the core of heart.

Coco: For black fishes.

Liz: For lazy wizards.

Lulu: To sound different.

Lisa: To be Different.

Rose: A beautiful name for pink fishes.

Starry: A best female betta fish name.

Teby: For short but active betta fishes.

Twinkle: For star liners.

Omy: A cute one.

Possum: Hot selection.

Pinky: An ultimate female betta fish nickname.

Florrie: For depth lovers.

Ziki: For ground lovers.

Vinnie: For cute nerdy fishes.

Uma: For wise ones.

Venus: An easy to remember nickname.

Ulka: A totally different one.

Yashi: The one who loves to follow.

Xona: the one who loves to lead.

Whisky: What else could be better!

Stella: A traditional fishy nickname.

Zuzu: A sweet pet name.

Rachel: To give more female touch.

Pearly: Because she is!

Missy: Absolutely right! Isn’t it?

Nina: A gamming character.

Naina: A fishy abstraction.

Queenie: Extended form of the queen.

Xaka: To show dominancy.


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