Top 100 Cool Military Squad Names

Cool Military Squad Names

We all know the value of military in the world. All the powerful nations dominate by their military power. There is no doubt that military is what rules the nation’s defense. The uniqueness in Cool Military Squad Names is useful in remembrance and identification, whereas the company carrying out tough missions will make the name even more acceptable and famous worldwide.

Cool Army Military Squad Names

Every unit has some unique call sign and identification name, which makes it easier for its identification. Here are some of the cool army squad names. Do look at squad names for friends as well to name your friend group.

Storm: the heavy storm for the enemies

Eagles: soaring high

Vultures: snapping on the enemies

Thunderbolt: striking thunder

Blackbird: a cool name

Neon: awesome and cool

Fire Flies: little fighters

Gunmen: the accurate shots

Sky wrath: fighters of the sky

Lightning: fast and dangerous

Blazing wings: sky rulers

Golden bullets: epic shots

The Angels: angels of death for the enemies

Tornados: ultimate power

Titans: superb ones

Iron men: man of steel

Walls of Steel: ultimate defense

The Phoenixes: never backing down

Sun risers: rise with the sun

Fire birds: fire away

Silencers: silence the enemy guns

Frostbite: let them look cold

Gunslingers: epic shooters

Magicians: the wizards of battlefield

Arrows: accuracy at its best

Military Squad Names for Snipers

Military Squad Names for Snipers-min

Headshots: one shot

Hikers: up the mountains for hiding

Shadows: lurking in the shadows

One Shot Kill: simple as that

Watchmen: the watchers

Towers: the defense of the fleet

Death arrow: a single arrow strike

Angels of Death: one shot and sleep

Eagle Eyes: sharp eyes and spotting the enemy

Fire Bullets: blazing shots

Shooters: simple

Thunder Strike: striking the soul out of the enemy

Fire bolt: thunder and fire

Medusas: one stare and you turn cold to ice

Spear of Death: bullets rather

Silent Killers: far away and gripping the enemy

Silent hill: out of nowhere

Bullseye: one shot kill

Hitmen: Dangerous

Last ride: for the enemy if they get spotted

Badass Soldier Military Squad Nicknames

Rikki: the silent killer

Chaos: wrecking the enemy

Bishop: the fighter

Shooter: simple and majestic

Monster:  nightmare for the enemy

Havoc: massacring the enemy

Desert storm: unleash the storm

Invincible: simply

Phantom: striking the enemy without letting them know

Bloody bucket: massacring the enemy

Ghost: stealth at its best

Black Death: dark strike

Hulk: the incredible

Ironman: simply fantastic

Man of steel: facing the enemy without fear

Beast: the beast of the battlefield

Wild boar: going wild

Bear: ferocious

Dagger: slicing through the enemy units

Bomber: bombs away!

Freddy: nightmare for the enemies

Butcher: butchering the enemies

Chipmunk: little fighters

Cyclone: devastating attack

Rolling thunder: let the thunder fall down

Electro: fast and devastating

Super boy: super skills

Gentleman of war: gracefully defeating the enemy

Hammerhead: hammering time

Rambo: the ultimate fighter

Jugo: a cool name

Juggernaut: the unstoppable

Goku: the powerhouse

Lionheart: fearless

Mad dog: mad men

Military Squad Names Ideas

Military Squad Names Ideas

Cool military squad names sent out the message to the enemies not to mess with the wrong us. Every squad uses unique names just to show off a few their skills set.

Marbles: an elegant name

Wild monks: let the wilderness fill you

Metal wings: the fighters of the sky

Panthers: striking through the shadows

Tigers: the fearless one

Dark knights: the knights of the unit

Cowboys: a little western touch

Silent soldiers: stealth mode

Sharks: ripping the enemy apart

Samurais: the slicers

Thunderbirds: rolling thunder

Foxes: the cunning strikers

Tanks: majestic and steady

Legion of heroes: ultimate title

Wizards: the game changers

King’s Guardians: defending the royals

Hunters: hunting the enemy prey

Predator Warriors: catching the prey no matter what

X Caliber: the mighty strike

Zeus: the might of the thunder fill you.

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