Top 100 Cute Adorable Names for Boyfriend in your Phone

Cute Adorable Names for Boyfriend in your Phone

Choosing a life partner is a challenge in this world, when there are so many fakes out there. But, if you’re the lucky one , having that one person that completes your soul, Moreover, you’d like to treat them in a special way possible, having Cute Adorable Names for Boyfriend in your Phone, choosing that person over all your desires is such a thing that makes you complete.

The one that makes you smile when you’re upset of all times, then you definitely don’t want to lose them.

Romantic Names to call your Boyfriend

Romantic Names to call your Boyfriend

Call him what you like, the way you like, the way he feels special, anything that makes that bond of yours stronger than before. Here are some names that would catch your attention, but if you want, you can alter them the way you like to make him feel special. Also, check cute pet nicknames for guys .

Baby: irresistible to love

Bae: call him out of love

Babe: a hot name

Hubby: just to make him yours

Bf: just to make sure he stays yours

Sweetheart: yes he is!

Romeo: be his Juliet!

Captain: for his leadership qualities

Super boy: for his super sweetness

Dreamer: for his dream plans

Handsome: makes you wanna die for him

Lucky: well he is if he has you!

Beauty: for his good looks

Wonder boy: for his wondrous glaze

Cutie: cute and cuddly!

Smoochy: for those hot smooches

Sports: for his physical activities

Love boat: you just want to sail with him!

Iron man: as cool as this

Mr. Muscle: for his muscly looks

Chocolate boy: for his chocolaty complexion

King: of your heart!

Sugar: as sweet

Honey: for the love he does

Tiger: for that fierce nature

Ace: for his successes

Cupcake: with all the yummy nutrients

Squishy: you just want to keep holding him

Lover boy: the way he expresses his love

Bolt: the way he brings light in your relationship

Braveheart: never backs down for you!

Wolfie: the pack leader

Pumpkin: plumpy

Omega: the dominating one

Iceman: the chill dude

Tarzan: for that jungle love

Zeus: for the way he loves like him

Flash: quick mood fixer

Epicman: simply splendid

Mufasa: one who’ll sacrifice himself for you!

Sweet Names to call your Boyfriend

Sweet Names to call your Boyfriend

Apart from getting romantic and all, it’s quite strict if you don’t add any fun and leisure in your relationship. Remember, you can’t control what the other person wants to do. All you can is to support them in what they feel comfortable. Just makes sure to be loyal and supportive of your partner and he’ll definitely love you the way you want him to do. Cute Adorable Names for Boyfriend in your Phone will help to make it more interesting for you. 

Moon: the way he brightens your nights

Breeze: to calm you in the heat

Diamond: a precious one

Love: you just simply name him that

Fluffy: for that fluffiness in him

Cushy: you could just jump on him for comfort

Hero: your savior

My man: Yes, he’s entirely yours

Hercules: the brave and strong!

Cosmos: brings out the cosmetic energy in your relationship

Cookie: you just want to bite him

Cowboy: a little western touch

Charismatic: you just can’t resist his charms

Lion: one who’ll look after his pride!

Dear: he is very special

Gorgeous: for those eye catching looks

Gummy bear: sweet and jelly like, make you wanna eat!

Hugging machine: for those warm hugs he gives you

Cuddly: the way he cuddles

Cakes: well if he bakes

Mr. perfect: the one you wished for!

Better half: he completes you!

Lovely: in every way

Prince: the one who would protect his princess

Angel: heavenly

Warrior: never gives up!

Phoenix: for his fighting nature

Jellybean: who doesn’t love it?

Snowflake: for his white and soft complexion

Mr. Sensitive: over protective of his loved one!

Hot Names to Call your Boyfriend

Hot Names to Call your Boyfriend

Who doesn’t want to spice up things in their relationship? And what would be better to call your partner something that turns him on!

Knight: protector of the queen

Ladies’ man: well every girl has her eyes set on him

Hotshot: for his stunts

Hunter: the way he perceive things

Playboy: yum!

Hot: he makes you excited

Chick magnet: you have to hold him tight to avoid competition

Rock star: the way he rocks your World

Sexy: for those sexy looks

Sweetlips: for those kisses!

Wolverine: one whose love will heal always

Alpha: the one and only

Beast: for the animal in him

Big daddy: controls things he likes

Dragon: for that fire in him

Goku: super strong and would go beyond his limits for you

Gangster: a little offensiveness in him

Don: the way he enforces his will

Sparks: he adds that spark to your life!

Charizard: the supreme of course

Sexy pants: you just stare at him

Sexy Devil: even the devil would be jealous

Badass: the way he acts

Rocky: strong and firm

Rambo: the way he’ll survive for you no matter what

Cheeky: for his cheekiness sometimes

Naughty boy: the he spices up things

Curvy: for his sexy body

Hottie: make you just want to die for

Hulk: will go berserk if anyone hurts you!

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