Top 100 Cute Contact Names for your Boyfriend

Cute Contact Names for your Boyfriend

When two loved ones come close together, the try to become one. That is the essence of love. The harmony, the care and the immense attention to each other, is what builds the strength of the relationship. Having a Cute Contact Names for your Boyfriend is something that makes you feel all loved when you view it

Romantic Contact Names for your Boyfriend

Romantic Names to call your Boyfriend

 It fills your heart with immense joy and happiness seeing a text from your loved one. Here are a few suggestions you might like to choose. Do view lovable cute nicknames for your loved ones.

  1. Love: all the love you need
  2. Bae: the loved one
  3. Baby: cute and sweet
  4. Better half: he completes you
  5. Jan: a love name
  6. Soulmate: your essence for soul
  7. Happiness: your happy key
  8. Joy: the eminent joy you have seeing his name
  9. My love: love and just love
  10. Tangled with: your thoughts and soul are attached with him
  11. Romeo: for the Juliet
  12. My beast: beauty and the beast
  13. Warmth: you feel him beside you seeing his text
  14. Sunshine: the morning light
  15. Starlight: the shooting star of your night
  16. Moon: the full moon
  17. Sugar lips: sweet kisses
  18. Morning dew: your morning freshness
  19. Sweetie: cute and love name
  20. Moonpie: a lovable name
  21. Cuddles: the feeling of cuddling when he texts you
  22. Passionate one: the passion in your love
  23. Cutie pie: just cute
  24. My life: he is indeed
  25. Loving one: the one who completely loves you

Funny Contact Names for your Boyfriend

Funny Snapchat Names for your Girlfriend-min

  1. My Goofball: his goofy habits
  2. Ware lover: when he gets wild in love
  3. Pole of love: he is taller and full of love
  4. shy: he expresses his feelings slowly
  5. Sugarcane: sweet and lovely
  6. Marbles: his strong round figure
  7. Sugar coater: he knows how to make up to you
  8. Gamer and lover: he has his priorities some times
  9. Honey bear: lovely name
  10. Marshmallow: sweet and softy
  11. Redneck Romeo: redneck one
  12. Sleepy prince: he sleeps a lot but loves you too
  13. Hungry baby: always hungry
  14. Jam lover: he manages his little hunger
  15. Peanut butter: yummy
  16. My pickle: he is your craving
  17. The sleep walker: sometimes speaks during his sleep
  18. Shower singer: he sings in the shower
  19. clean: has tidy looks and hygienic habits
  20. Cuddly wuddly: he likes to cuddle when he is with you
  21. Cookie dough: warm and sweet
  22. Cake man: bakilicious
  23. Sweet punch: your sweet punch
  24. Fruity: his love changes like the fruits of seasons
  25. Cakes: sweet and warm

Lovable Contact Names for your Boyfriend

Cute Couple Names for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

  1. Prince charming: the beautiful one
  2. My Man: he is entirely yours
  3. Mine: only you have him completely
  4. Lovely bear: full of love
  5. Puppy: his cute looks
  6. My king: he is your king
  7. Lion: the fierce protector of his pride
  8. Simba: the young leader and lover
  9. Lovely boo: a sweet name
  10. Jelly bean: sweet and elegant
  11. Wonder boy: his wondrous looks
  12. Love bird: your morning glory
  13. Adorable one: the adorable of all
  14. Babe: a sweet name
  15. Captain: all hail the Capt.
  16. Cutie pants: a cute name to call
  17. Darling: dearie one
  18. Dearie: calling him with the sweetness
  19. Handsome: good looking
  20. Hero: your hero
  21. Knight: the knight protecting his love
  22. My Prince: your savior from all the dragons
  23. Playboy: he has a charm among ladies
  24. Pumpkin: sweet and funny looking
  25. Tiger: a cool and cute name for him

Cute Contact Names for your Boyfriend

Cute Names for Couples to Call Each Other

Naming a cute contact name for your boyfriend will surely make you jiggle in your stomach. The sense of love and care that arouses just by seeing his name, that feeling is just all you want.

  1. Teddy bear: you think of him when you cuddle your toy
  2. Zorro: the macho man
  3. Batman: full of suspense and surprises
  4. Superman: the elegant lover
  5. Pudding: sweet
  6. Panda: full of love
  7. Oreo: your favorite treat
  8. My angel: the angel of your galaxy
  9. Lover boy: loving one
  10. Iron man: the playboy
  11. tough guy: he acts tough around you
  12. Hot chocolate: your winter treat
  13. Ecstasy: the drug you need
  14. Sweet potato: a cute and funny name to call
  15. Love book: his texts are a book themselves
  16. Hug book: he hugs for many reasons
  17. Major: the army guy
  18. perfect: he is perfect for you all the time
  19. Naughty one: the naughty thoughts he has
  20. Star shine: your shine
  21. Galaxy: the universe stands with him
  22. Enchanting prince: he enchants you with his love
  23. Robin hood: the hero himself
  24. Sexy pants: sexy
  25. Forever together: you want him to be with you all the time
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