Top 100 Cute Female Pet Fox Names

Female Pet Fox Names

Ever had a fox as a pet? They are just adorable little creature. Though foxes are regarded as the cleverest animals, still they are cute. Besides, if you raise them the way you like they would never turn out to be the ones in that we’ve reads in the stories. Having Cute Female Pet Fox Names will also stir up the love between you and your pet.

Cute Female Pet Fox Names

Choosing a name for your pet is quite a thing. Because you’re going to call it with that name all it’s life and you want it to be perfect in a way that you like it. Here’s a list of some cute female pet fox names you might like.

  1. Alsoome: from native Americans, it means the independent one
  2. Chepi: the fairy spirited
  3. Angel: beauty
  4. Annabelle: a bit scary
  5. April: a cute name
  6. Alaska: for a white fur fox
  7. Aries: the powerful Zodiac
  8. Arianna: simple and cute
  9. Athens: magnificent
  10. Bambi: elegant to call
  11. Bailey: joyful name
  12. Barbie: innocently cute
  13. Bella: from the famous series, simple beauty
  14. Blinx: for her elegant blinking
  15. Brenda: just call out to her
  16. Cassi: a cool and cute name
  17. Charlotte: beauty that moves with it
  18. Chi-chi: noisy one
  19. Bulma: the one that helps you every way it can
  20. Videl: the supportive pet
  21. Pam: adorable
  22. Chloe: commonly cute name
  23. Coco: for her chocolaty fur
  24. Cleopatra: the beauty of all
  25. Ruby: the precious one
  26. Marinna: attitude and beauty
  27. Luna: moon charms
  28. Daisy: delicate as the flowers
  29. Snowy: for her charming white fur
  30. Gazelle: elegant as the gazelle
  31. Destiny: destined to be your favorite
  32. Mushy: all the cuteness around you
  33. Elena: simple and cute
  34. Mia: short yet serves the purpose
  35. Felix: has strong senses

Unique Female Pet Fox Names

Unique Female Pet Fox Names-min

Everyone wants something unique to be associated with them, whether it’s theirs or their pet’s. Having a unique pet name is also a thing.

  1. Fiona: the flower queen
  2. Crystal: the delicacy and prettiness that flows with it
  3. Lina: the flame spirit of your pet
  4. Fairy: as beautiful as the fairies
  5. Melina: the upper-class name, just to call
  6. Georgina: a unique name
  7. Naide: the wise
  8. Kimi: secretive, does stuff herself secretly
  9. Hurit: beautiful as it is
  10. Dena: from the valley, a western American name
  11. Halona: of happy fortune, indeed
  12. Lotus: the flower like delicacy
  13. Haley: a unique name
  14. Hermione sharp
  15. Jasmine: the beautifully unique name
  16. Jessie: soft
  17. Jewels: precious of all
  18. Cinderella: your little princess
  19. Phoenix: the flaming spirit ready to play
  20. Lily: the soft and delicate
  21. Bellatrix: the trouble make
  22. Madison: unique
  23. Lisa: a charming one
  24. Kayden: just call her like that
  25. Lucky: she’s lucky to have you and so are you
  26. Holly: dearie
  27. Maze: complicated one
  28. Stacey: simple and unique
  29. Misty: the strong spirited one
  30. Pepper: the spicy one, loves to party
  31. Oliver: though a male regarded, but still a unique name
  32. Neela: sweet
  33. Sunshine: your little alarm
  34. Pikachu: the bolt spirited
  35. Princess: your little princess
  36. Samantha: unique and bold
  37. Sasha: the sizzling one
  38. Snowball: your little cuddle ball
  39. Medusa: her dazzling gaze
  40. Olivia: adorable and unique

Funny Female Pet Fox Names

Funny Female Pet Fox Names-min

Something funny surely pro longs the love between people and their pets.

  1. Margot: little trouble makes
  2. Wiggles: she wiggles a lot
  3. Smiley: her charms and happiness
  4. Rolly: her rolling activities in her play time
  5. Cuddly: she likes to cuddle with you often
  6. Nina: sizzling
  7. Fruity: has a charm for fruits
  8. Sticky: sticks to you
  9. Nikki: little cutie
  10. Nibbles: funny to call
  11. Mittens: just adorable
  12. Olive: cute as an olive
  13. Foxy: no explanation required
  14. Pebbels: her playtime outside
  15. Penny: she acts goofy sometimes
  16. Peanuts: her mixed nature
  17. Roxy: foxy Roxy
  18. Poopsi: poops a lot
  19. Noisy: her extra charming voices
  20. Nemo the cute little one
  21. Dory: a little goof
  22. Slow pokes: lazy
  23. Lickitongue: she just wants to eat you sometimes
  24. Snorlax: sleeps a lot
  25. Buttons cute as a button


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