Top 100 Cute Matching Nicknames for Couples

Cute Matching Nicknames for Couples

Well love is in the air! And you would definitely want something special for your loved one, be it a gift, an occasion or just a nickname. Cute Matching Nicknames for Couples is definitely the thing to stir up the love in your romantic life.

Cute Names for Couples to Call Each Other

Cute Names for Couples to Call Each Other

Whether it’s your spouse or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, you’d definitely want to call them with something unique, something that expresses your love and care for them, something that turns their saddest of moods into a cheerful and loving. Here’s a list of cute names to call your loved ones

Cupcake: a sweet treat

Mushroom: healthy for you

Babe/Baby: the cute one

Cat/Mouse: well if you’re the fans

Barbie/Ken: the endless love

Doll/Toy: if you play a lot with each other

Romeo/Juliet: the epic love

Beauty/Beast: the explicit love story!

Chocolate/Cookie: a perfect combination

Prince/Princess: rule the kingdom together

Cream/Onion: give cravings!

Fruit/Nut: another great match

Honey: can u hear me?

Honey/Bear: well that’s really sweet

Babycakes: aww!

Hubby/Wify: simple and lovely

Smoochy: if you smooch alot

King/Queen: be the royalty together

Jellybean: sweet!

Swan: the swan’s love

Bae: well short, but still expresses the love

Lion/Lioness: if you’re a bit wild

Tiger/tigress: the superb couple

Simba/Nala: the animation love

Superman/Wonderwoman: strong as ever!

Cutiepie: love to eat

Sugar: to add sweetness to each other’s life

Kitty/Pup: if you’re pet lovers

Honeybo: another one

Mylady/Myman: yes of course!

Cute Couple Names for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Cute Couple Names for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Sure, you would want your BF/GF to call with a cute name, something that’ll make your day even if it’s going really bad. Well here are some suggestions that might catch your eye

Honey bear/ Honey Bee: add the sweetness of honey

Oogie/Olivia: cat lovers!

Handsome/beautiful: to complement each other

Babyboy/Baby girl: young love!

Hotspot: if they rise the temperature of your body

Peaches/Melon: well fruit lovers!

Angel: straight from the heavens!

Mama/Big Daddy:  a little countryside

Butterfly/ Buttercup: surely

Goldilocks/Prince: be together forever!

Carrot/Bunny: cute!

Sugarpie: yummy!

Peanut butter/Jelly sandwich: well food lovers

Hero/Heroine: showoff!

Rose/Tulip: from the gardens!

Fruit loops: you just want each other

Bella/Edward: the unending love

Better half: you both are!

Sleeping beauty/prince Charming: kiss her to be with her

Cherry/Cakes: a perfect combination

Soul mate: be one!

Lover Girl/Lover Boy: rejoice the love!

Sunshine/Dawn: wake each other up with love

Sun/Moon: shine together

Cowgirl/Cowboy: a little western touch

Twinkle Toes: for those warm feet

One in a Million: definitely!

Yin/Yang: be with each other forever

Dove: to love and peace!

Darling: a cute way to get him/her to do things

Unique Matching Nicknames for Couples

Unique Matching Nicknames for Couples

I mean sure you can call your smoochie anything you like, the way you like and makes your loved one feel special.

Aladdin/Jasmine: love tale

Cuddly Wuddly: if you cuddle alot

Sweetheart: lovely!

Pumpkin: that’s just it

Bootylicious: if you get cravings seeing each other’s…

Pudding: delicious

Smoochie: kissy vissy!

Dumpling: a treat for each other

Dear: just love her/him

Mister/Miss: be the grace for him/her

Joker/Harley: mad love!

Princess/Knight: be adventurous

KitKat/Snickers: the chocolate combination

Heavenly: made for each other

Icing: get on top!

Moonpie: well just to call

Bugs Bunny/Lola Bunny: a cute love story

Cherry/Cocktail: well that’s a combination

Supergirl/Starlord: save the galaxy

Lovely: when you just can’t resist their beauty

Magic: when you are amazed with them

Emperor/Enchantress: enchanted

Foxy/Sporty: ride on!

Gorgeous/Handsome: complement each other

Heart Hacker: when you just stole his/her heart

Ironman/Wondergirl: just to call

Captain/Firstlady: love and respect!

Chick magnet/Black Widow: badass!

Love Muffin: sweet and warm

Davy jones/Calypso: ah! Love!

Mr Muscle/Crystal Maiden: well way to call it

My World: everything for each other

Star/Moonlight: shine for him/her

Pancake: unable to resist

Sweetie: too sweet

Jewels/Diamond:  your greatest treasure

Juicy/Fruity: healthy life

Sweet lips: you just wanna keep tasting

Hot: makes you wear glasses

Precious: more than your life!


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