Top 100 Cute Nicknames for Tall Guys

Cute Nicknames for Tall Guys

We all have that one or two persons in our squad who just have great heights. Their height is much more visible, other than their traits. And there’s no doubt, we all have some Cute Nicknames for Tall Guys like them. Whether they are our besties or our crush, our buddies or boyfriends, there’s always a nickname for them.

Adorable Cute Nicknames for Tall Boyfriend

Adorable Nicknames for Tall Boyfriend

Talk about girls having crushes on tall guys. No doubt, that is the entire truth; it’s still a myth why do girls fall for guys with a nice height? Well that’ll be never solved though, but the problem of selecting a good, adorable, funny and full of love nickname is not an issue. Here’s a list of some nicknames you might consider naming your tall bf. Oh and if he’s got a beard on, you can check Nicknames for Guys with Beards as well.

Giraffe: obviously

Melman: from the Madagascar movie!

Icy pole: you are curious to touch him

Slide: you just want to slide on him

Swing: want him to swing you in those arms

Redwood: really big!

Castle of love: well castles are tall and big

Skyscraper: you feel the sky with him

BFG: your big friendly giant!

Jupiter: well Jupiter is the biggest, maybe tallest too

Sky: fresh air within his arms

Alpine: the brand of height

Big mac: have a bite of his lips up there

Big ben: or you could just add his name at the end

Bigfoot: indeed

Yeti: hard to reach

Eiffel tower: ah the beauty of its height and that love

Big carrot: if you get cravings!

Long bean: the big bean

Jumper: he outruns you even he walks

Gulliver: well he was a giant to those people

Shawn Bradley: or other basketball pro names

Tower: the defense of your love

North pole: just to name him

Dance pole: when you’re in the mood for some strip club madness

Tree house: you just want to cuddle in his arms like outdoors

Staff: big one

Top shelf: hard to reach but he picks you up

Stretch: no matter what you do you can’t cover him all

NBA pro: even though he doesn’t play

Sexy Giant: height and looks!

Baby long legs: your tall bae

Big bear: big hungry for honey bear

Lankoln: tall and honest Abe

Lanky whale: well for you he is!

Cute Nicknames for Tall Best friends

Every group has people with good heights and it is sure that they have their nicknames with the utmost respect to their tallness.

Here are some funny and cool nicknames you could decide for your tall besties

Way Big: from BEN 10

Big bite: has a big mouth as well as height

Big show: o yeah!

Tall mouth: he babbles a lot from up there

Big fish: hmm seems legitimate

Great white: big and frosty

Princess’ tower: has a bird in his nest

Goofy: for the goof activities

Ceiling: his height does touch the ceiling

Tall pants: you can’t even ask him for his spares

Sycamore: really tall like the tree itself

Big bird: he soars high while standing

Avatar: nice and complimentary

Lankman: a tall pacman

Twin tower: the tower!

Pillar: pillar of goofiness

Moose: wild

Brachiosaurus: tall with a long neck as well

Tally: tall and silly

Tripod: you could ease your view up on him

Bird’s nest: check the hairs

Tree top: the hairs are the canopy actually

Tallosaur: well just to call

Bamboo: tall and tough

Sasquatch: hah!

Legs: well alternate to booties and all the boys stuff

Longosaur: the king of the talls

Lankenstein: from the movie

Andre: the giant himself

Grasshopper: jumps with those big legs

Everest: really looks high

Gigantor: again for tiny people around him

Ginormica: to say

Ice berg: well we don’t want to see him naked

Tall butt: haha!

Funny nicknames for Tall Skinny Guys

Funny nicknames for Tall Skinny Guys-min

Skinny: the usual

TS: tall and skinny

Tea spoon: well they are really skinny

Branch: more like a twig

Stick: you could play fetch

Hanger: for clothes

High tower:  a slim tower

Diet kong: really slim king kong

Llama: jeez

Lofty: fragile

Mantis: is fast though with that look

Pencil: thin and tall in way

Slimo: mr slim

Spaghetti: long and slim

Stylus: quite slim

Tilly: tall and skinny

Lanky bait: tall and an easy target

Belt: you could wrap him around

Snake: looks like it

Skeleton: a walking one!

Clock tower: if he had a clock on his face

Polinny: skinny pole

Lankisaur: skinny dino

Rooftop: well he is high

Beanstalk: just to say

Chopstick: you could eat sushi with him

Stick food: wrap around some food and Walla! Food on the stick

Skinny legs: in those shorts

Skinny Godzilla: hehe!

Noodles: again slimy

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