Top 100 delightfully Cute Nicknames for your Crush

Cute Nicknames for your Crush

Love is in the air, and you’d definitely want to spend the most of your time with your loved one. There smile, their actions, their way of making you happy and comfortable are just the things that melts your heart. And what’s better than to have a special Cute Nicknames for your Crush.

The Perfect Cute Nicknames for Your Crush

Having a perfect relationship is the desire of every person. But remember, not everything is perfect and you just got to go with the flow. Accept the weaknesses of your partner and cherish the good in them. Here’s a list of names you might consider naming your crush. You can alter them the way you like, after all it’s your crush and your comfort.

Bae: that’s what most would like to call

Beauty: the way you see him/her

Cutilicious: immensely cute!

Yums: you just want to eat them

Coochie coo: just like a baby!

Cook: the way they make your world yummy

Lovely: just lovable!

Sweetheart: has that deep place inside your heart!

Sweety: a way to call them

Sporty: when they are fit and athletic

Yummy: as your favorite food

Honey boo: sweet and delicious

Baby: that adorable love!

Sexy butt: get the cravings

Sexy  pants: the way their clothes suit them

Heart hacker: steals your heart!

Rocker: rocks your world!

Mama boy: obedient one

Raven: a high achiever!

Tigress: bold and beautiful

Snow white: a real beauty!

Cinderella: the love of your heart!

Princess: the lady beside you

King: the king of your heart

Queen: empress of your dreams!

Smoochens: the way he/she smooches

Marshmallow: soft and yummy

Cookie:  adds sweetness to your life

Jellybean: sweet and squishy

Kitten: adorable!

Humming bird: the way he/she hums sweetness in your life

Morning star:  the way he/she brightens your day!

Sunshine: the way he/she shines within your soul!

Sweet lips: the sweet kisses!

Einstein: if he’s quite intelligent or quite dumb!

Lion: the way he protects his pride!

Flexy: curvy!

Squirrels: quick and adorable

Sweetcakes: love to eat them

Mr./Miss Perfect: just for you!

My Man/ My Lady: the gentle couple

Romeo: the epic lover

Juliet: love her always

Chocolate: you just love it

Dear: close to your heart!

Angel: straight from the heavens

Spirit: the way he/she elevates your inner spirit

Flame: hot!

Spark: the way he/she adds that spark in your relation!

Love: he/she is!

Funny Nicknames for Your Crush

Funny Nicknames for Your Crush-min

Having a relationship is all about trust. Setting limits on your partner, not having them enjoy their life will always ruin the bridge of trust between the two of you. So instead of setting boundaries on each other, learn to live with the joys and company of each other. Be caring and respectful. Try to add that charm and fun between yourselves. You’ll love it!

Love boat: takes you to a love journey

Coco: chocolaty

Glittery: all that glitters is sometimes gold

Clingy: sometimes he/she doesn’t leave you alone

Macho man: my hero!

Beardo: beard and sometimes weird

Fruitpunch: a sweet punch to your life!

Charmy: that charm in your life is because of him/her

Sticky: like a baby

Handsome: his irresistible charms!

Chick: hot mama!

Babe: well she is not less than a model for you!

Hairball: sometimes they get hairy

Sweatpants: if they sweat alot

Adorable: you just want to love them

Singer: sings either well or not

Frenchman: merci!

Viking: strong and hard lovers!

Spicy: the way they spice up things

Cherry: on the top

Batman: their secret lives arouses the curiosity in you

Chick magnet: he’s the lady guy

Lumberjack: the hard worker

Sugar: a sweet name to call

Hotspot: yours entirely!

Bunny: cute and cuddly

Cowboy/cowgirl: howdy!

Cudlly wuddly: you want to cuddle everytime

Pumpkin: let’s design him/her

Pudding: desert of your life!

Nature’s finest creation: just for you!

Joker: if he’s funny

Snow cone: a treat!

Dumpling: a sweet snack of lifetime

Bugs/Lola bunny: funny and adorable!

Magician: the way he/she makes your life magical!

Enchantress: enchants you!

Love muffin: hot and lovable!

Pancakes: irresistible!

Tourist: travel couple!

Nerdo: like a nerd

Billy: sometimes they act like an idiot

Courage: they get scared of small things

Muriel: a girl who just loves you a lot

Jumpy: jumps around during fun

Creamy: with extra cheese!

Bolt: their lightening nature!

Sporty: athletic

Delicious: never fills you up having them

Animal instincts: sometimes pretend to be an animal

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