Top 100 Groups Squads Names for Friends

Squads Names for Friends

Friends are a really a blessing from God because they’re the ones that are your source of happiness, your secret listeners and what not. They’ll cheer you up no matter how down you’re feeling. Having a group Squads Names for Friends is something that all the group members love. Being known by the signature name, specifying the traits or presenting an outlook of yourselves.

Unique Squad Names for Friends

Having a large group of friends can be really hectic because you’ll have to deal with a large number of pranks, parties, and all those stuff. And what else can be better when your pranks are famous by your unique squad name. Here’s a list of some squad names you might take into account. Do check cool girl squad names.

  1. Pollos Hermanos: the famous drug lord
  2. Knight riders: a cool squad name
  3. Global enigmas: superb ones
  4. Invincibles: nothing can stop you
  5. Night wings: cool
  6. Bone heads: exquisite
  7. The Reapers: scare them off
  8. Syltherins: the dark ones
  9. Chick magnets: the sexy looking
  10. Los matadors: simply amazing
  11. Furious five: add the number of your group
  12. Prank masters: prank them all
  13. Neon demons: simple and superb
  14. X Caliber: the legends
  15. Hit Men: secretive and cool
  16. Republic of bikers: biker gang
  17. The Wizards: find their way always
  18. All Sparks: a cool name
  19. The Titans: graceful
  20. Ghost Riders: a cool squad name
  21. Phantom Assassins: killer look
  22. Ledger Keepers: a cool name
  23. Battle Fury: the strong ones
  24. Spirits: extraordinary
  25. Fortune Tellers: exquisite name
  26. Hidden Leaves: the United wall
  27. Fallen Angels: a cool name
  28. Dark Army: the secret hacking team
  29. Supernovas: excellence served
  30. Kingsmen: simply the kings
  31. Shell Shocks: a catchy name
  32. Vainglorious Ones: the exquisite thinkers
  33. Cold Fever: simple and graceful
  34. Nut Crackers: a cool name
  35. Silent Hawks: simply awesome

Funny Group Squad Names for Friends

Funny Group Squad Names for Friends

  1. Lagging rangers: slow ones
  2. Hungry sea lions: a funny name
  3. Herd of sheep: simply funny
  4. Watchmen: the night watchers
  5. Non-Veggies: funny
  6. Scrambled eggs: a cool call sign
  7. Bacon and toasts: deliciously funny
  8. Meme team: the meme machines
  9. Drunken Donuts: intensely funny
  10. Salt and sugar: a little combination
  11. Fish and chips: funny group name
  12. Dumbledore’s Nitwits: army of nitwits
  13. Power puff Squirrels: super ones
  14. Nerd herd: the nerd gang
  15. Arkham escapers: mentally unstable ones
  16. Sweet pirates: sweet and funny
  17. Chicken noodles: foodies
  18. Kung Fu chimps: with all the stupidity power
  19. Greasy dishes: a funny name
  20. Smoke heads: smoky ones
  21. Rolling blunders: blunders all the way
  22. Shoplifters: a funny squad name
  23. Snoring mates: snoring as hell
  24. Poor Magicians: poor efforts
  25. League of Super Evil: lose
  26. Shaolin monkeys: the goof ones
  27. Sweat Pants: funny group name
  28. Unstable Ions: cool and funny
  29. Healing Pads: the calm ones
  30. Bean Heads: stupid friends
  31. Gangnam Style: do the Gangnam style
  32. Grasshoppers: a funny name
  33. Flaming Flamingos: flamingos all the way
  34. Rubber Duckies: funny crew name
  35. Marshmallows: sweet and funny

Creative Group Squad Names for Friends

Nicknames for Guy Best Friend-min

A cool squad name for a group of friends can lighten up the mood for everyone, aside from the joy by being called by the name of your hood. Whether you are walking in threes or complete herd, the uniqueness in your crew name will make you noticeable in no time.

  1. Universe 7: let us win
  2. Jalapeno Hotties: the hot ones
  3. Smooth Operators: their chicky talk
  4. Hudson Hornets: fabulous ones
  5. Mc Queens: speedy
  6. Redheads: a little anger ones
  7. Prank busters: at prank war
  8. The Avengers: awesome ones
  9. Class reserved: simply outclass
  10. Funny Demons: funny looking
  11. Sassy Cats: a funny name
  12. Flaming Pasta: yummy and cool
  13. Skull Bashers: exquisitely cool
  14. Story House: full of gossips and stories
  15. Peasants of Devil: little devilish minds
  16. The Botanical Garden: all your friends are botanical researchers
  17. Bounty Hunters: in search of new bounties
  18. Think Pads: the ones with innovative ideas
  19. Wits of Fury: who will fight even on a minimal cause
  20. Saws and Axes: a cool slogan and crew name
  21. Gun slingers: awesome name
  22. Helping Hands: the helpers
  23. The Akatsuki: the famous series name
  24. Dragons: a call sign for your crew.
  25. Black Pearl: impeccable
  26. The Flying Dutchmen: admirable and awesome
  27. Cookie Monsters: funny
  28. Blood Mist: striking and majestic
  29. Iron Men: the tech guys
  30. Control Panel: dainty and nice

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