Top 100 Hilariously Funny Mexican Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Funny Mexican Nicknames for Guys and Girls

El me dijo ‘gordo’ online! Mexican traditions are quite different and so do their nicknames for the guys and girls. Mexican are funny and you will find Funny Mexican Nicknames for Guys and Girls all around the places. They have a totally different accent which molds funny Mexican nicknames into hilariously funny.

Mexicans have their own way to speak the names especially names that belong to a different culture. The accent makes them unique and you will be surprised to see some names in the list of funny nicknames for guys and girls just because the fact that they are spoken quite differently and sound hilariously funny when a Mexican speaks them.

Funniest Mexican Nicknames for Guys and Girls

Just like Spanish Nicknames for the Guys, Mexican nicknames for guys and girls are taken specifically from their traditional naming conventions as well as keeping in mind the popularity of the nickname.

Funny Mexican Nicknames for Guys

Funny Mexican Nicknames for Guys

Let’s start with some versatile and hilarious Mexican nicknames for guys to get a glimpse of their cultural diversity and acknowledgment for the entertainment.

Gordo: Mexican way to call someone bulky or fatty.

Fea: Same as Gordo. Another way to tease someone because of his fat body.

Bruja: If you wanna say someone ugly – it’s the Mexican way to call him ugly.

Chato: The one who stares with anger.

Flaca: To extend the greatness.

Moco: Moco means vampire kind of look.

China: Don’t worry! This Mexican nickname has no connection to the Peoples republic of China. It’s a Mexican way to call someone who has curly hairs.

Chango: The one with the Minion look.  

Guera: A Mexican nickname for the blondes.

Prieta: A Mexican nickname for the dark skinned.

Pocho: A teasing way to demonstrate the difference between American and Mexican.

Pecas: The one with ugly hair style.

Chaparro: A teasing nickname for the one who is a bit short.

Viejo: Indication of the romantic attitude and behavior.

Vieja: Same as Viejo.

Beba: A cute Mexican nickname to call an old man or woman because it means “Still young!”

Andre: Haven’t you heard of the name Andrew? It’s the same!

Raul: The holder!

Nicolas: Yup! A famous Mexican trend setter.

Rigoverto: A cute Mexican nickname that has everything that compels others.

Francisco: Nickname for the one who Mexican but has some looks similarities just like French People.

Atilano: The one who walks differently yet attracts eyes of the babes.

Alejandro: The Mexican extension of the Alexander.

Rubisel: The one who is a thief.

Adelmo: The one who strictly follow rules and regulations.

Charly: The pone who is a fun lover.

Dany: Same as Daniel.

Marc: The Mexican form of the Mark.

Mariana: The secret keeper. It’s a Mexican way to call the one who always keeps the secrets.

Abelino: The one who loves to travel, precisely fly.

Mauricio: A special extraction for the guys who love to sleep naked!

Alfonzo: A nice Mexican nickname for the guys.

Roberto: Extension of the Robert.

Marcial: A Mexican trend to call the one who has a name Marshal.

Jorge: Mexican way of calling George.

Fidencio: A different way to use the name Fernando.

Jacobo: An extended form of the Jacob.

Antonio: A popular name among the locals.

Irving: A traditional Mexica name.

Ignacio: if he’s a heart burner.

Beto: A short form to call a hairless guy!

Eduardo: Another way to call someone creepy!

Fermando: How can we neglect this cute Mexican nickname!

Ricardo: If he’s a body builder.

Javier: If he’s bulky.

Josef: A nice extract from one of the Hollywood movie.

Miguel Angel: Wow! A blend of nickname – just like combination sweet and sour.

Manuel: A Mexican way to call a guy!

Juan Carlos: Don’t you know this famous gangster?

Juan: Same as Jose!

Jose: A popular nickname for those who has long names.

Mexican Gangster Nicknames for Guys

Mexican Gangster Nicknames for Guys

Well, we all know about the famous gangster characters of the Mexico. Mexican gangster nick nicknames for guys are also very popular. People use gangster kind of Mexican nicknames for guys to call them in a different way.

Actually, they try to show their power and caption-able looks by relating them with some kind of gang. Mexican gangsters are very famous and so do the Mexican gangster nicknames for guys.

The sandman: Yup! He’ll surely love it!

The Don: Absolutely!

Digger: Because he is!

Deathrow: Wow! What a unique nickname!

Dime bag: Any doubt?

Cotton Mouth: If he looks cute but often uses bad words.

Sharkie: If he has sharp looks.

Skinhead: Hmm…! Be careful!

Snap: If he’s a snap lover.

Smuggie: just to relate him with the smugglers.

The Enforcer: If he has ability to enforce his commands.

Fast Fingers: If he’s a master of using pistol or any other ammunition.

Fat Tony: Hahaha! A unique Mexican nickname for the guys.

Snake Eyes: OMG! If he has angry eyes.

Stab Happy: If stabbing is fun for him.

Stab Lovie: No doubt about that!

Vito: If he has ability to Vito everything that comes between you and him.

The Godfather: OMG! Is he?

Jigsaw: If he’s difficult to handle.

T-Bone: A funny Mexican nickname for a slim smart guy.

Boney: If he’s a bone crusher.

Bone Breaker: A way to show his dominance and power.

The Chainy: If he’s a chain boy.

Rifle: Any regret?

Reciuse: If he’s too dashing!

Cute Mexican Nicknames for Girls

Cute Mexican Nicknames for Girls

How is it possible to wind up the Mexican nicknames topic without mentioning some cute and funny Mexican nicknames for the girls? Yep, it’s not possible!

Mexican beauty has its own natural attraction and charm. It’s very important for the chick attracters to use a cute Mexican nicknames for the hot babe!

Let’s roll on to explore some hilariously funny gangster kind of cute nicknames for the girls.

Angel Face: Any doubt?

Baby Blue: Because she is!

Mama: A way to show her dominancy.

Mangolian Mama: If she’s a bit bulky.

Bombie: Because she is a bomb!

The Blaster: No doubt, she is!

Amaretto: A loveable way to call her.

Margarita: No gangster can turn down margarita.

Miss Demeanor: A Mexican way to applause the beauty.

Banker: If you wanna relate the girl with a bank rober!

Bug: Because she is a bug formulator.

Missy: A cute Mexican nickname to shower your love.

Naily: If she has big nails.

Finstripes: Gangy way to call her a rober.

Pistol: OMG! What a depiction!

The Cardinal: A nickname to let her know she has your heart.

Red Hot: Wow! Quite right one!

Ruby: A loved name in Mexico.

Anger Filled: A simplest way to let her know her anger is too much.

Angry Duck: If she’s cute, yet anger.

Angry Doll: Because she is!

Trigger: A nice way to demonstrate her gangster’s character!

Wicked Witch: Oops! Be cool! It’s just a name.


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